What color does pink and blue make? (2023)

Pink and blue are two colors loved all over the world.

Many people are happy to declare these their favorite colors if asked and are therefore commonly seen in many facets of art and design.

But what color do pink and blue make when mixed? That is the question we are here to answer in this guide.

Not only that, but we'll also cover how to mix them, the things you can use the resulting colors for, and whether it's a good idea to get started.

With that, let's get started and see all the possibilities that pink and blue can bring us!

How can you mix pink and blue?

First, we will touch on the question of how you can mix pink and blue. When it comes to this question, you can see it in terms of design and also how you can literally mix them up.

We'll cover both facets here and in later steps of this guide at varying levels of detail. In color theory, blue is known as a cool color, very useful for things like water or ice.

With pink it becomes a bit more complicated. It is generally perceived as a warm color due to its close relationship with red.

That being said, certain shades can be considered cool colors. Regardless, pink and blue tend to go together very well if the right shades are chosen.

Now you may be wondering what color you will get when you mix pink and blue. The answer to this question is that you will get a shade of purple.

shade of purpleIt will end up depending on certain factors, but you can bet we'll cover all of those factors as we go through the guide.

In terms of practicality, you can mix your pink and blue shades. This is usually done with paints, but pastels, crayons, and other media can also be used.

By combining the two, you end up with a completely new and unique color! We'll also tell you how to do this while having more control later in the guide.

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Now that we know a bit more about how you can mix pink and blue, let's tackle the next point about whether it's a good idea to start.

After that, we'll look at some uses for colors and how you can create your own perfect combinations.

Are pink and blue a good combination to mix?

The question we are examining at this point is whether it is good to mix pink and blue. The answer to that can be a resounding yes in many circumstances!

To answer that question, you must ask yourself another. That question is "Do I need purple for my photo?"

If the answer is yes, you will also answer yes to the first part. pink andblue are not technically complementary colors, but they still go well together.

However, culturally speaking, they are at odds with each other. Generally, in most societies, pink is considered a feminine color while blue is considered a masculine color.

Why this is the case is anyone's guess, and it doesn't mean boys don't like pink or girls don't like blue. Regardless, it is the association that most people will associate with colors.

If you buy gifts for a child, then most likely they will be blue, and vice versa. Despite this difference, they can still create pleasing results when used together.

Furthermore, purple is also generally considered a girl's color. With pink and blue, you can create light or dark purples, depending on what you're trying to create.

Using purple with pink and blue can also create a nice soft color scheme. We'll see how you can work with colors to achieve the desired results later.

For now, let's move on to the next step and look at some of the results you can expect when mixing pink and blue.

What results can you expect?

Now we answer the question of what color makes pink and blue. The quick answer to that is purple, but now it's time to dig deeper.

If we say 'purple', a shade of the color is likely to come to mind for each individual. You might think of a deep, rich purple, while your friend might think of a light purple lilac.

To create any shade of purple, you need to play with different amounts of pink and blue, as well as other colors needed to influence the result.

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Before we get into how you can create the colors you want with the combination of pink and blue, why not give it a try?

Find some shades of pink and blue that you like best in the chosen medium and mix them.

It will be interesting to see what happens and if you like the result or not. You can then experiment with different shades, combinations, and amounts to see what else you come up with.

We'll find out later how you can make it less random and how you can make the colors closer to what you need. But this exercise shows some of the possibilities you can expect.

Another thing you can try is to create pink and blue swatches next to each other and see how they react to each other.

Certain shades of pink and blue may not look great next to each other, but others do.

Figuring out what works and what doesn't work well together takes a little forethought and a lot of practice.

You can vaguely predict what it might end up as, but in the end it all comes down to trying different combos.

No matter what medium you are working with, you want to have a surface where you can experiment with different combinations.

These experiments should definitely take place on a separate surface and not on the final screen or page.

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Try to write down your experiments as you go, as you might unexpectedly stumble upon the perfect combination. If you do, remember how you got to that point so you can use the mix again.

Below we'll look at some of the ways you can use mixes of pink and blue in your artwork and some practical applications.

Best uses for mixes of pink and blue

We've now determined that pink and blue are a good set of colors to mix, but now what can you use them for?

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As we mentioned, purple is the color you can expect to get if you mix these colors together.

Purple isn't as common in nature as other colors, but it's certainly not unheard of! It is a fairly common color in plant petals and leaves.

Some parrots also have beautiful purple feathers that look very pretty. You may also see shades of purple in some species of fish and coral.

These are just a few examples of where you can find purple in nature. That being said, purple is found in many other design contexts as well.

Many people love purple as it can convey feelings of comfort and romance. It will often be used for toys, advertisements, and stuffed animals for these reasons.

Purple is also often used on Valentine's Day cards and gifts because of the romantic connotations. When separated, pink and blue are not used together as often.

Some people will wear pink and blue for gender reveal occasions for their unborn baby. They are also common colors to use for color paint in children's rooms.

As you can see, purple can be quite a versatile color! Pink and blue are also very common, although they are not often used together.

However, you can certainly use them together for many projects. This would probably result in a really calm and beautiful image.

We've given you some possibilities for purple, as well as pink and blue. Now that you have some ideas, you can probably think of many more uses for these colors.

Whether you are creating a portrait of something from nature or a fun modern design, you can really get creative with the uses of these colors.

Now that you know how useful these colors can be, you may be wondering how you can make them look exactly the way you want them to.

In the next step, we'll show you some ways to play with different colors and combinations to create amazing colors!

Lighter and darker mixes of pink and blue.

When it comes to creating colors, there is an almost limitless combination of shades that you can create.

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Before we get into how to mix these colors, we'd like to stress again how important it is to be mindful.

If you're painting something, you should do your best to find a good, accurate reference.

If you are painting a donut with purple icing, finding a real donut with purple icing would be the best option.

If you are painting a fish purple, try to find a good quality photo of that fish. No matter what your reference is, study it carefully and do your best to identify individual color tones.

Is it a darker purple that probably has more blue in it or maybe it's a milkier purple? Let's use the first one as an example and say that whatever you're painting is a dark purple.

Start with a darker blue from your collection and add some pinks. Even with a good guess, it probably won't be right away.

Look again at your reference and try to determine what you might need. In general, this should be pretty logical if you think about it.

If it's not dark enough, you can add more dark blues or maybe a touch of black. On the other hand, a little more pink or a little white can make it lighter.

You can also create your own custom shades of pink and blue before mixing. Remember that pink is made with red and white.

Keep experimenting with these combinations and you'll soon learn how to mix them up. Be sure to use all the colors you need to match your theme.

If you're not so concerned with realism, keep experimenting until you have a color you love! There really is no wrong way to do this, and the key is to keep trying and have fun while doing it.

Soon, you'll be able to create the colors and tones you want for the artwork you're working on.


You have reached the end of this guide, where we seek to solve the question of what color makes up pink and blue.

Now that you're done, you can probably see why it wasn't a quick answer!

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The lessons in this guide can be summed up in a few smaller points. Essentially, be sure to closely study everything you intend to paint, and then experiment with your colors.

Remember to use all the tools in your art supplies to get your colors. We can't wait to see what you can create with everything you've learned in this guide!

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