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Border Collies are a dog breed known for being very hardworking and are considered to be the smartest dog breeds in the world.Dog breed intelligence ranking. As a working dog, they can be difficult to control if not kept busy or properly trained.

Because of this, Border Collie mix breeds are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and if you're wondering what the best Border Collie mix breeds are, this list breaks down the top 25 Border Collies to mix with other purebred breeds to make one to produce friendly mixed race.

Name of a mixed breed dogParents of mixed breed dogsOrigins of Dog Breeds
Border-JackMix of border collie and jack russel terrier breedUSA
boundary pointBorder collie and pointerEngland
A pistolBernese Mountain Dog or Border CollieScotland
ski limitAmerican Eskimo Dog and Border Collie mixUSA
Border ShepherdCollie und Shetland SheepdogGreat Britain
Border-Collie-CockerCollie or Cocker SpanielGreat Britain
border newfieCollie and the Newfoundland breeds.Great Britain
MarriageDalmatian and Collie breedsGreat Britain
ShollieGerman shepherd and border collie mixDeutschland
Boxolieboxer or border collieGBR
Golden Border RetrieverA golden retriever and the collieGreat Britain
English resident collieEnglish Setter and the Border Collie breedGreat Britain
Border-Collie Bernhard
Border Collie and the St. Bernard
Great Britain
border snailBorder Collie and the Standard Schnauzer breedGreat Britain
border healerBorder Collie and the Blue Heller dogsALSO
CityBorder Collie or Welsh CorgiWales
Border-Collie-Stier StaffyCollie or Staffordshire Bull TerrierGreat Britain
border of the PyreneesBorder collie and the Great Pyrenees breedGBR
border beagleBorder Collie or BeagleEngland
Border-Collie-GrubeBorder collie or pit bull terrierGBR
Border Collie BrittBorder collie and the breeds of Brittany.Great Britain
border jumperBorder Collie and English Springer Spaniel breedsGBR
Australian borderBorder Collie und Australian ShepherdAustralia
Grand CollieBorder collie breed and Great Dane breedScotland/England
Afghan CollieBorder Collie and Afghan HoundAfghanistan/Pakistan
History, information about Border Collie mixed breeds. Historically, the Border Collie was bred to be a working dog and any of your mixed breed breeds are likely to inherit the workaholic trait which makes them unsuitable for less active people or if you are classified as an older individual who is constantly exercising and playing regularly to keep them sharp and active.75 pounds Border Collie mixed breed 1 foot 6 inches to 1 foot 30 to 45 pounds Appearance of the Dog Breed Border Collie is a medium sized dog Border Collie dog breeds are majestic, endearing and an irresistibly charismatic combination to have as a crossbreed in racing. The average Border Collie height is between 18 and 22 inches and at this size they can weigh anywhere from 30 to 55 pounds. You Probably Can't Not Win... What's the Difference Between a Collie and a Border Collie? Height and weight are the main differences between Collies and Border Collies! Collies are classified as large dog breeds, while Border Collies are medium-sized dog breeds that are considered smaller in stature in both height and weight. Border Collies tend to be more even-tempered, calm, and friendly compared to their workaholic parents. But that is not all! Some of the most common reasons families become interested in the Border Collie and their mixed breed dogs are: The Border Collie and their mixed breed dogs are obedient to their owners when properly trained. This makes them easy to train and they understand the command very quickly without having to repeat themselves a lot. They are built for work and like to work for fun. the whole familySome people prefer to cross a Border Collie with another breed. Mating this dog can produce a unique dog that may have even more traits from the other parent. suitable for people who are not very sociable, as well as for the elderly. There are many mixed Collie breeds and the type depends on the parents. Here are top collie breeds to welcome into your home today.1. border lifter

The Border Jack is this unique breed of dog that was bred from the Border CollieMix e o Jack Russel Terrierrace. They are known to be very cute and have a very active athletic nature.

Many families love Border Jacks because they are boisterous and agile like their parents.

They have almond-shaped eyes that are very compelling, but sometimes these breeds can differ from one another based on their appearance, as some mixes have prick ears while others have floppy ears.

Although this dog is less active, he does need some exercise to keep in shape.

2. border point

Top 25 Border Collie Mixes - Complete Guide To The Charming And Adorable Border Collie Mix Breeds With Pictures. | pet related blog (3)

This dog has good tracking abilities which, combined with its high speed, makes it ideal for hunting and herding.

This breed was bred from the Border Collie and the Pointer, which is common in the southeastern part of America.

The Border Point breed is a very dominant collie breed, so much so that I would not recommend them as a collieBest Dog Breed for First Time Owners. This is reflected in his sporty and active character, so he is not suitable for people looking for a quiet dog.

3. Edge of nose

Top 25 Border Collie Mixes - Complete Guide To The Charming And Adorable Border Collie Mix Breeds With Pictures. | pet related blog (4)

Similar to the Bordernese, the Bordernese has a thick, fluffy coatMistura Golden Chow Retrieverand can adapt to very cold climates. His parents are the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Border Collie.

These dogs are very playful and friendly. They are equally popular with adults and children alike. They are loyal and sometimes show a protective nature.

If you are looking for a dog that will be your companion and will accompany your activities, apart from showing a state of calm, this is your dog.

4. Ski Limit

This breed originated from the American Eskimo Dog and the Border Collie mix. These dogs are very popular in the United States and western part of Europe.

They are very friendly to everyone and also get along well with other pets. Although this breed tends to be calm, they can also be very playful at times.

5. Border Shepherd

With its parents being the Collie and the Shetland Sheepdog, the breed is a combination of both sheepdogs. They have a silky coat that resembles that of a sheep. These dogs are also known to be fast runners, which is great if you're a runner.

The Border Sheepdog is very smart, intelligent and very easy to train. Makes a great companion..

6. Border-Collie-Cocker

This breed originated from the combination of Collie and Cocker Spaniel and is a very unusual breed.

Their coat can vary from one to another, but they are generally medium-sized dogs with a collie's body and a cocker's head.

These dogs are also very strong, energetic and can run for long distances. They tend to bark very loudly and make excellent watchdogs.

(Video) Collie Pyrenees: Everything You Need TO Know

7. Grenzneuling

This is a cute looking, unique breed that takes its name from its parent breeds, the Collie and Newfoundland breeds.

Their calmness is a result of the Newfoundland genes and this makes them very friendly dogs. On the other hand, they tend to get playful when taken out and just need a little practice.

8. Marriage

Known for its iconic Dalmatian spots, this breed was bred from the Dalmatian and Collie breeds. They are very rare, so consider yourself lucky to own one of these unique breeds.

These are sweet dogs that like a challenge. In addition, they are friendly and affectionate, making them excellent family pets.

9. Shollie

This breed gets its name from the "German Shepherd" and "Border Collie" mix that are its parents. These breeds are not very popular like other breeds, so there is very little demand for them.

Regardless, they are cute dogs that are also very friendly.

The Shollie is very intelligent and requires a lot of exercise to keep them in good shape. Aside from that, they make excellent watchdogs.

10th box

This breed is descended from the Boxer and Border Collie and is known for its cheerful disposition towards its owners. Unlike other dogs, this breed requires less exercise, but is great fun to have around.

Its Boxer genes make the Boxolie a very suspicious dog. This is a good trait for a guard dog.

They are also affectionate with their owners and good with children. With their pack mentality, these dogs will protect you no matter what.

11. Goldener Border-Retriever

This balance betweenGolden Retrieverand the collie make this dog popular in many households.

Because the Golden Retriever is one of America's most popular dogs and is known for its service work, breeding it with the intelligent collie is an idea that many people love.

Collie genes make this dog calm and composed. However, he needs regular exercise to keep him from becoming too lazy.

In addition, they are loyal dogs with a cheerful temperament.

12. English Borsetter Collie

This is a rare breed descended from the English Setter and Border Collie breeds.

These dogs are very athletic and don't seem to tire. Although they are very energetic, their energy levels are lower than that of a purebred Collie.

The English Borsetter is a dog that needs a lot of exercise to keep its body in shape.

Despite this, they seem affectionate to everyone in the family and make excellent family pets.

13.Border-Collie Benard

Although they are very friendly dogs, these breeds can be protective at times and will do anything to keep their family safe from harm.

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They are open to many activities because they inherited many traits from their parents.

They swim, hunt, and even herd.

These dogs are very smart, quick and easy to train.

14. Boundary Snail

This is a breed bred from the Border Collie and the Standard Schnauzer breed.

Because the Schnauzer also comes in miniature and giant sizes, they can also be crossed to produce miniature border collies and giant border collies.

Border Schnollie dogs are popular in the United States and adjacent regions. Their enormous sizes also come with different coat colors.

If you want a dog that will do anything for you then get a Border Schnollie. All they need is grooming and they will be your best friend.

15. Border Healer

It is a combination of Border Collie and Blue Heller dogs which make the best active dogs as they are both good at herding.

Both dogs are also smart as they are in the top 10 smartest dogs.

The Border Heller is an active dog that gets bored easily when not being paid attention to.

He also needs a lot of physical and mental exercise. This makes it difficult to keep dogs.

Otherwise, they are loyal to their owners and very affectionate.

16th city

The nickname derives from his parents, the Border Collie and the Welsh Corgi.

These dogs have short legs, which is due to dominant Corgi genes.

The Borgi are very good at herding. They inherited this trait from both parents as they are also great herders.

This dog, like most Border Collie mix breeds, needs plenty of exercise to keep it from becoming lazy, as lazy dogs become obese over time. Despite this, they are intelligent and easy to train dogs.

17. Border-Collie-Bulle Staffy

This breed is a mix of the Collie and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier which, if properly trained, make very good watchdogs.

They are known to be so loyal and courageous that they will sacrifice themselves for the good of their owners.

You are one of the bravest dogs.and they inherit this trait from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

(Video) Nana the Border Collie Performs Amazing Dog Tricks

If you are looking for a dog that will stay with you no matter what, this is the breed for you.

18. Border of the Pyrenees

His parents are the Border Collie and the Great Pyrenees breed. These breeds are rare, so you're lucky to find this type of mixed breed.

They have a large coat that keeps them warm in the cold season and protects them from the heat of the sun in hot weather.

They are referred to as "nanny dogs" by many people because they are so good with children and require minimal supervision.

19. Border Beagle

This is a mixed breed bred from the Border Collie and the Beagle.

The Border Beagle has a long coat and puffy ears that come from the Beagle gene.

With the Beagle being one of the most popular dogs in America and Britain, the Border Beagle is also growing in popularity.

The long coat requires regular grooming. Despite this, it hardly sheds any hair, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.

This breed has a cheerful personality and will make an excellent pet for you.

20. Border-Collie-Grube

This breed is a cross between a Border Collie and a Pit Bull Terrier. These dogs are becoming increasingly popular in households because they are friendly and get along well with both people and other pets.

They are very suspicious and alert dogs, making them good watchdogs. They are also good at herding.

Despite their intimidating appearance, they are very affectionate dogs and will be by your side for a long time.

21.Border Collie Britt

This is a very energetic dog that loves to play throughout the day. It is a mixed breed bred from the Border Collie and Brittany breeds.

However, it is so rare and few people know that these dogs exist.

They are independent and inquisitive dogs, so they tend to question themselves.

On the other hand, they need regular exercise to stay active. So if you like walking, take them with you.

The Border Collie breed is very loyal and will make a faithful companion.

Also, the fact that it's rare means it's one of a kind, so get out there and buy yourself a Border Collie Britt.

22. Border jumper

This increasingly popular dog is a mix of the Border Collie and English Springer Spaniel breeds. His characteristics are very noticeable as he has the body of a Springer Spaniel and the coat of a Collie.

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He also has markings that vary from dog to dog.

This breed is known to be versatile as it can be used for hunting, can swim and also makes good company. He is also very energetic and intelligent.

23. Border Aussie

This dog is very energetic and runs at great speeds, making it an excellent herding dog.

It was created from crossing the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd, which are known to share similar traits.

Both breeds are good at herding, but the only difference is that the Collie is good at herding sheep while the Australian Shepherd is a cattle herder.

The Border Aussie has a very happy personality and gets along with almost everyone.

24. Grande-Collie

This mixed breed originated from the Border Collie breed and the Great Dane breed.

The Great Dane is called large because it is tall and has long legs. This gene is passed on to the mixed breeds since they are also tall.

They are known for their high energy levels and tend to pounce on their owners.

This behavior can be controlled by teaching them to be obedient. Overall, this is a playful, affectionate, and affectionate dog that will go with you wherever you go.

25. Afghan Collie

The Afghan Collie is one of the rarest breeds. Therefore, few people know about them and documentaries tell us little about their existence, but they deserve to be on this list.

They were originally bred in Afghanistan as their parents are the Border Collie and Afghan Hound.

The Afghan Collie is one of the most versatile dogs as it can do almost anything.

They can hunt, compete, and also make excellent watchdogs.

When it comes to border collie mixes, the possibilities are endless and the top 25 breeds listed here are just a few of the many that you can have as companion and family pets.

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