Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (2023)

Ah, the majestic Blue Heeler! Also known by other names such as Australian Cattle Dog, Hall Heeler or Queensland Heeler. This beautiful Australian dog breed is generally not the best choice for first-time dog owners or people with a more relaxed lifestyle.

But, if you are an active person and looking for a high-energy dog ​​that can keep up with you, the Blue Heeler might be the perfect dog breed for you.

Lucky for you, we've already done the heavy lifting! We've found and ranked the top 10 Blue Heeler breeders in the US to make finding that new family member easy!

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Blue Heeler puppies for sale in the USA

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (1)

Finding reputable Blue Heeler breeders in the US can be a difficult task as there are many unreliable puppy breeders and pet stores that you should avoid.

Some pet stores, puppy mills or inexperienced hobbyist breeders claim to be reliable and ethical, but when it comes down to it, most of them are looking for a quick profit.

That's why we decided to help you in your quest by finding reputable breeders who maintain the highest breeding standards for this beautiful dog breed.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at our list of the top ten Blue Heeler breeders to choose from located in the United States:

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US

1. Canis Flying D – Oklahoma.

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (2)

Our first pick on this list is Flying D Kennels; a small family-owned ethical breeder located in Fairview, Ohio specializing in the production of high quality purebred Australian Cattle Dogs, miniaustralian shepherds, yougerman shepherds.

As well as raising sheepdogs, they also raise livestock, so the natural herding instincts in your Aussie puppies are stimulated from an early age.

Because they are used to socialization from an early age, your Heeler puppies are well behaved and family oriented. All of their Australian Cattle Dog puppies are tested for health, BAER deafness test and personality matched to be your perfect canine companion.

Flying D Kennels' mission is to protect and preserve the compliance, character and purpose of ACDs. They make sure they meet the breed standard for Blue Heelers, thus producing intelligent and obedient show dogs, working dogs and excellent family pets.

Please contact Flying D kennels for more information on available puppies and book your new Blue Heeler puppy as soon as possible!

Flying D kennel details

Location:Fairview, Oklahoma

Site web: Canis Flying D

Contact:+1 580-603-3602

E-mail: [email protected]

2. Blue Red Joe Australian Cattle Dogs – Califórnia.

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (3)

Our second choice is the Blue Red Joe ACDs located in Newman, California. They are family owned dog breeders with over seven years experience in breeding and breeding purebred Australian Cattle Dogs.

Blue Red Joe ACDs are focused on producing healthy Red Heeler and Blue Heeler puppies with strong character and undying loyalty for long-term family companionship.

They work hard not only to maintain the breed standard but also to improve it with each new litter; thus producing healthy puppies with stable temperaments and proper conformation.

Blue Red Joe's ACD strongly believes that a new puppy is like a lump of clay, and it's up to you, as the dog's owner, to mold him into the best dog he can be and help him reach his full potential.

If you decide to get your new Heeler puppy, you will first need to complete a puppy questionnaire on their website to start the adoption process.

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Visit their website for more information on the litters of puppies available!

Blue Red Joe Australian Cattle Dogs

Location:newman, california

Site web: Blue Red Joe Australian Cattle Dogs

Contact:+1 209-597-2135

E-mail: [email protected]

3. Incubator – Georgia.

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (4)

Our next location is Hiredhand Kennel Australian Cattle Dogs located in Locust Grove, Georgia.

It is owned and run by Connie Hayes, who is a registered breeder with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and ACDCA (Australian Cattle Dog Club of America) code of ethics, with experience breeding and breeding Blue Heelers for over 35 years.

The kennel itself is located on a farm with 100 acres of land, perfect for your Heeler puppies to explore.

Hiredhand got its name from the saying "a good sheepdog is worth two workers". His main goal is to breed strong Blue Heeler puppies with the backbone and intelligence needed to work with livestock.

Because Hiredhand is a family kennel, all of its puppies are raised at home with the greatest care and attention adapted to the specific needs of this breed of dog.

They know that early socialization and plenty of exercise are essential with Blue Heeler puppies to ensure they are well behaved, obedient and adapt to new environments and experiences. Also, all their Heeler puppies are tested for any genetic diseases like PRA, PLL, DM and OFA.

Hiredhand Kennel offers a lifetime breeder support line for any queries you may have after purchasing one of their Heeler puppies.

So if you like what you see, get in touch with them and see what they have in store for you!

Detalhes do ACD Hirehand Kennel

Location:Locust Grove, Georgia

Site web: ACD of the contracted kennel

Contact:+1 770-228-7904

E-mail: [email protected]

4. Rockin' C Blue Heelers - Texas.

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (5)

Our fourth place goes to the Rockin C Blue Heelers, located in Edna, Texas. They have bred high quality purebred Australian Cattle Dogs since the year 2000.

Rockin' C has spent two decades researching to select the best bloodlines for its breeding program. The goal of their breeding program is to produce outstanding ACDs that are rarely seen, preserving the inherent drive these dogs were always meant to have, preserving the work ethic they believe makes the best Heeler puppies.

All of their Blue Heeler dogs are highly trainable. From a young age, they work with cattle, so pushing cattle through alleys and moving cattle between pastures is a no-brainer for your smart dogs.

In addition, their Heeler puppies are tested for health conditions such as hip dysplasia and eye problems such as canine cataracts and glaucoma.

For more information about Rockin' C, visit the website below!

Rockin' C blue heel details

Location:Edna, Texas

Site web: Rockin' C Blue Pumps

Contact:+1 361-781-4157

E-mail: [email protected]

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5. Wooden Kennels – Georgia.

Picture of:@juniperberry.theblue

Our next pick on the list of the best Blue Heeler breeders in the US is Timber Kennels, located in Sandersville, Georgia.

Founded in 1989, Timber Kennels is owned and managed by Lisa Bowman; an experienced and reliable breeder who strives to maintain and nurture the Queensland Heeler breed standard set by the AKC.

Timber Kennels breeds peerless Red Heeler and Blue Heeler puppies with healthy temperaments and proper conformation.

All of their puppies are genetically tested and screened for all diseases recommended by the AKC and ACDCA, and are also tested for Canine Health Institute certification level.

All parent and pup health records are provided on their website.

Visit their website for more information and schedule an appointment and they are sure to find the perfect pup for you!

Wooden kennels Details ACD

Location:Sandersville, Georgia

Site web: wooden kennels ACD

Contact:+1 478-845-4226

E-mail: [email protected]

6. ACD de Happy Trails Ranchers – Oklahoma.

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (7)

Next on our list is Happy Trails Ranchers located in Rush Springs, Oklahoma.

They are a family owned and operated stud farm that have bred AKC Registered purebred Australian Cattle Dogs for over 20 years.

Happy Trails breeds Blue Heeler dogs with purpose and efficiency while striving to improve their day-to-day breeding practices.

Their pups are exposed to livestock at an early age, making them well-rounded cattle dogs. Smart and obedient, they will do whatever you need.

They also give the puppies plenty of lap time and individual attention; therefore ensuring that each pup is properly imprinted and socialized from an early age.

Their litters are produced from some of the most exceptional Blue Heeler bloodlines in the world.

Visit the Happy Trails website for more information on available puppy litters!

Details of the Happy Trails ranch

Location:Rush Springs (Oklahoma)

Site web: Rancho Trilhas Felizes

Contact:+1 580-678-0895

7. Cobalt Farms – California.

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (8)

Our next pick for the best Blue Heeler breeders in the US is Cobalt Kennels, located in the Suisun Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area of ​​California.

The Cobalt kennels are owned by Alexis and Pete Kurowski, who are Code of Ethics accredited Blue Heeler breeders registered with the AKC and ACDCA.

They breed for quality, not quantity, so they always strive to improve the quality of their Heeler puppies while maintaining the Australian Cattle Dog breed standard.

At Cobalt Kennels, all Blue Heeler puppies are bred with care and attention to produce puppies with good temperaments. They are handled daily and given plenty of exercise and affection to ensure proper emotional development.

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It goes without saying that they are responsible when it comes to their pup's well-being. They perform OFA, PRA and BAER genetic health testing on all of their breeding dogs.

If you are interested in what they have in stock, visit their website for more information.

Details of cobalt cabins

Location:Suisun Valley, California

Site web: cobalt kennels

Contact:+1 530-510-1404

E-mail: [email protected]

See more information:Blue Heeler Growth Chart

8. Australian Cattle Dogs de Adam's Ranch – Califórnia.

Our next pick is Adam's Ranch Australian Cattle Dogs located in Phelan, California. Owned by Brenda Adams, they are deserving breeders who have experience raising Blue Heeler puppies for over 18 years.

Since they started breeding and showing their dogs in the year 2000, they have successfully produced several AKC champions. A few setbacks on their journey made them struggle to pay more attention to detail, and today Adam's Ranch has a robust breeding program to ensure their purebred Heeler puppies are examples of the finest quality breed.

All parents and breeding pups receive detailed genetic health testing to ensure they are in good health. In addition, they are groomed daily and receive plenty of early neurological stimulation, resulting in loving, well-behaved puppies.

Adam's Ranch also has a YouTube channel where you can check out their past pups.

Detalhes de Adam's Ranch Australian Cattle Dogs

Location:Phelan, California

Site web: ACD de Adam's Ranch

YouTube: Canal de Youtube de Adam's Ranch

Contact:+1 760-623-2069

E-mail: [email protected]

9. Mill Creek Cattle Dogs – Carolina do Norte.

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (9)

Our ninth pick on the list of the best Blue Heeler breeders in the US is Mill Creek's Cattle Dogs, located in Taylorsville, North Carolina. Owned by Kristie Killian, they are ethical and responsible breeders with experience breeding and breeding the best Heelers for nearly 25 years!

They don't reproduce just for the sake of reproducing; they do this out of love for this beautiful breed to ensure their dogs exhibit the excellent temperament and conformation which is known to be the breed standard for Blue Heelers.

Of course, they carry out all the necessary procedures for socialization, deworming, health checks and vaccinations for each puppy.

Some of Mill Creek's ACDs have gone to families across the world in countries such as Russia, Spain and Japan, where they have excelled as working dogs, show dogs and wonderful pets.

Visit their website and find your new blue family member!

Mill Creek Cattle Dog details

Location:Taylorsville, Carolina do Norte

Site web: Mill Creek Cattle Dogs

Facebook: Mill Creek Cattle Dogs

Contact:828-493-7465 / 828-635-0980

E-mail: [email protected]

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10. Sleepy Hollow Cattle Dogs – Carolina do Norte.

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (10)

Picture of:@australiancattleluione

Our final spot on our list of the best Blue Heeler breeders in the US goes to Sleepy Hollow Cattle Dogs, located in Coats, North Carolina.
They are purebred Australian Cattle Dog breeders who believe in one thing above all: better breeding leads to better dogs.

That's why they produce good-natured, health-tested, AKC-registered, well-conforming puppies, and have done so since the 2000s.

They make sure to socialize each puppy and keep them on a strict vaccination and deworming schedule, as well as testing their puppies for any genetic predispositions to disease.

Whether you need a working dog, show dog, or just a great companion, Sleepy Hollow has the right Heeler puppy for you!
If you are interested in purchasing one of their Blue Heeler puppies, go to their website and see what puppies they have available.

Detalhes do Sleepy Hollow Cattle Dog

Location:Coats, Carolina do Norte

Site web: Sleepy Cattle Dogs

Contact:+1 919-235-8417

E-mail: [email protected]

Blue Heeler price range

If you don't already know, by now you're probably wondering how much you can expect to pay for a purebred Blue Heeler puppy.

The average price of a common Blue Heeler puppy is between$ 500y$ 1000,but if you're looking for a show dog, you can find him anywhere from a mere$ 1500for an incredible$ 5000!

Of course, this all depends on a number of factors, such as the dog's pedigree or the reputation of the breeder you've chosen.

Blue Heeler Breed History

Top 10 Blue Heeler Breeders in the US (11)

Picture of:@juppthecattledog

Blue Heelers emerged in the mid-19th century when British colonists brought their Collies to Australia.

Cattle breeders and farmers in the Australian outback were short-staffed and needed a good sheepdog to help with livestock, as the dogs brought over from Great Britain lacked vigor and vigour.

Then an Australian, George Elliot, crossed Colonial smooth merle collies with wild native dingoes, creating a regional breed. These dogs were later crossed with black and tan Dalmatians and Kelpies to produce the first Australian Cattle Dogs.

Extremely alert, watchful and courageous, they have proven to be hardy and diligent livestock dogs. Able to withstand rough terrain and harsh weather conditions, following commands well, they were the perfect breed for indoor dogs.

The coat color of collies and the inherent wildness of dingoes is why the nickname 'Blue Heeler' came about.

The color, 'merle', is also called blue, while the 'heeler' part comes from its tendency to nibble on the hind legs of cattle to guide them.

Although they are popularly called Blue Heelers, today there are two main colors that Australian Cattle Dogs feature: red and blue, depending on the individual genetic makeup of the dog.

The fascinating thing about this breed of dog is that blue and red heel puppies are born almost completely white, excluding a few small patches of color. Their coat color begins to change naturally as they mature.

Learn more about the differences between these two breeds in our article onHeeler vermelho against Heeler azul.

In conclusion

Before going out to buy an Australian Cattle Dog, you should assess whether this breed of dog is the breed you need. Getting a new puppy is a process that should never be rushed.

As natural working dogs, Blue Heelers need a lot of attention, training, movement and affection to properly develop into well-behaved dogs. If neglected, they tend to get absent-minded, reckless, and can even become aggressive towards humans and other animals.

Of course, this can be avoided with proper socialization and due diligence in letting your pup know you're in charge.

You may also want to get to know the breeder you are buying from well before choosing one of their puppies. Breeders who can show that the puppy has been properly examined, vaccinated, dewormed and socialized are the ones to choose.

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If you're ready for a high-energy dog ​​with undying loyalty to loved ones, the Blue Heeler is the breed for you!

We hope you found our list of the top 10 Blue Heeler breeders in the US helpful.

Now, go out and find your new Blue Heeler pup!


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