The Essential Guide to the Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Husky Mix) - Shepherd Sense (2023)

Looking for a perfect combination of high energy and intelligence? Perhaps the idea of ​​a German shepherd mixed with a husky suits you perfectly.

The Gerberian Shepsky is a favorite of Husky and German Shepherd lovers, and for good reason. He is alert, intelligent and playful all in one!

Here's what you need to know about Gerberian Shepsky to live with his larger-than-life personality.

Gerberian Shepsky statistics

Size20″ – 24″ at withers (shoulders)
Weightaverage 50 to 90 pounds or even larger
Life expectancy10-15 years
exercise requirements2 hours a day
ease of trainingmoderate, but good opportunities for quick training
Temperamentattentive, alert, playful, intelligent, sweet and loyal
power levelhigh to very high
cost of ownershiplarge, due to its size and exercise needs
cutenessOut of series!
eye colorsometimes a single color, sometimes a mixture of two different eye colors
coat colorBlack and white, brown and black, dark gray to light gray, gold or tan, cream and numerous combinations of these colors
health concernsGerberian Shepherds suffer from similar health issues that both German Shepherds and Huskies share, including various types of cancer, hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, and juvenile cataracts.

Shepsky Gerberisches Temperament

The Essential Guide to the Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Husky Mix) - Shepherd Sense (1)

Some crosses and mixes are bred purely for appearance, but not so with the Gerberian Shepsky. This mix is ​​a cross between two incredibly hard-working and hardy dogs: the Siberian Husky and the German Shepherd.

Both breeds are known for their endurance, athleticism, and intelligence. Cross the two and you end up with a dog who easily has the energy and strength to handle a variety of tough jobs, but just as enjoys playing with his family or getting on well with his owners.

The Siberian Husky brings his adventurous nature to the more stoic German Shepherd, giving you the endearing and playful personality of the Gerberian Shepsky mix.

German shepherd husky mix characterTrains

The Essential Guide to the Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Husky Mix) - Shepherd Sense (2)

Both breeds are known for their boundless energy and enthusiasm for their work. And the Siberian Husky provides the Gerberian Shepsky mix with a near limitless supply of energy that complements the highly energetic nature of the GSD.

Built for hard work and rigorous play, a Husky/German Shepherd mix needs an owner who understands that the Husky/German Shepherd mix is ​​not a lazy dog ​​who enjoys being a couch potato. The German shepherd, with its need for order, is more inclined towards obedience and duty in its work, while the husky finds whimsy and fun in almost every moment of the day.

Collectively, the Husky German Shepherd has a moderate sense of adventure, but still aspires to be a hard worker.

Find a good breeder for your Gerberian Shepsky

When looking to breed your Huskies German Shepherd mix, only contact quality breeders. A major problem in the development of new breeds and crossbreeds is the inconsistency of breeding standards.

Don't get the "cheapest" Husky x German Shepherd you can find from the first breeder willing to sell them. Instead, take your time and interview the breeder. Ask about their home and meet the parents. Do a thorough online review of the breeder's information and look for any complaints.

Gerberian Shepskies are becoming increasingly popular, and as demand for the Husky German Shepherd mix increases, there are also more breeders willing to skip the most basic breed standards.

Don't rush to buy a Gerberian Shepsky and then end up with a sick dog costing thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Where to Buy or Adopt Husky German Shepherd Crossbreeds?

You can ask your vet if they have recommended breeders. Other options are to speak to groomers or dog trainers, who usually know of quality German Shepherd Husky crossbreeds.

Post questions in the community forums on Facebook and online. Never pay for a puppy that you have not seen on the site. And don't buy a puppy or dog online and have it shipped to you when it's better to travel and meet the breeder and litter.

Of course, there is always a risk involved in adopting or buying a mixed breed dog. But you must do everything you can to minimize your financial and emotional loss.

Common features of Gerberian Shepsky

The Essential Guide to the Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Husky Mix) - Shepherd Sense (3)

A Husky/German Shepherd mix can exhibit a combination of traits. Some of the Gerberian Shepsky's most consistent traits that you might expect are pricked ears, a long nose or snout, and a large, square face.

The eyes should be light and can range in color from light to dark brown to light blue. The Siberian Husky's eyes add a level of interest to the darker eyes typically seen in the German Shepherd.

If you look hard enough, you might even be able to find a Germberia Shepsky with two colored eyes. Is calledIridium-Heterochromieand gives Huskies mixed with German Shepherds a special appearance.

How tall will a Gerberian Shepsky be?

The Essential Guide to the Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Husky Mix) - Shepherd Sense (4)

The size of the Gerberian Shepsky is 20 to 24 inches at the shoulders. They can weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds.

But there are instances where a larger Husky breed is mixed with another large German Shepherd to produce even larger Gerberian Shepskies!

Sometimes when you cross two breeds you end up with an unfamiliar puppy. So if you're concerned about the size of a Husky German Shepherd mix, keep that in mind. This means you need to plan for a large, powerful dog that needs training and grooming due to their massive size.

Keep in mind that the average German Shepherd can weigh around 90 pounds, which is what gives the Husky German Shepherd mix its massive size and attractiveness!

Coat and fur by Gerberian Shepsky

Both the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky have double coats that keep them warm in the cooler months and also double as air conditioning in the summer.

The Shepsky tannery blend also has a double layer that is thick and provides protection. Originally, the Husky was a dog native to cold temperatures, and the GSD has been known to spend hours walking across snowy banks to keep an eye on his herds.

Contrary to what you may have read, your Husky German Shepherd mix will do reasonably well in cold climates, but is also capable of living in warmer temperatures as their double coat is able to regulate their body heat (always! don't shave him! ).

Is Gerberian Shepsky losing a lot?

Huskies and German Shepherd mixes shed and are considered moderate to high breed. If you're interested in a tidy home, know that you'll pile their fur on your floors, your clothes, your furniture, and sometimes in the corners of your home.

Shedding is worse in warmer climates as their bodies and coats often shed their fur to cope with the warmer weather. Be prepared to give him a good, thorough brushing at least 3 times a week to keep this hair fall at bay.

Is the Gerberian Shepsky a Hypoallergenic Breed?

If you are allergic, the Gerberian Shepsky is not a good choice for a companion. Because of its double coat and moderate to high shedding rate, the coat on its skin can irritate your allergies more than normal.

In addition, their thick coats more easily draw pollen and dust from outside and their skinshedit can cause the airways to become irritated or inflamed.

A coat of many colors: The Gerberian Shepsky color palette

The Essential Guide to the Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Husky Mix) - Shepherd Sense (5)

A Husky/German Shepherd mix can produce a wide range of colors. Due to the crossing of two different breeds, there is a wide variety of coat colors. You can guess coat colors from the parents and know what type of Husky mix with German Shepherd puppies the parents tend to produce.

But even a GSD puppy can change color as it matures, and there are no guarantees about mixes, especially a German Shepherd Husky mix!

The most popular colors for the Gerberian Shepsky are black and white, various shades of brown, gray tones, gold (ranging from light to dark gold), and cream (sometimes with darker tips on the ears, nose, and cheeks). Breast).

There is also any combination of these beautiful colors, giving the German Shepherd Husky mix a beautiful rainbow to choose from.

The Inner Athlete: Gerberian Shepsky Energy Levels

The Gerberian Shepsky is an energetic dog full of excitement and a need to play and exercise his athletic body!

Consider the GSD's high energy levels mixed with the Siberian Husky's athleticism and you have a willing dog who is ready for a full day and has an equally strong drive to take on a variety of jobs and tasks.

It's best to find a Gerberian Shepsky job to give them meaning and keep their behavior in check. If you're more of a lazy couch potato, this isn't the dog for you.

However, if you prefer long walks, outdoor swimming and fun adventures, you have a cheerful, fit companion to keep you company. Your Gerberian Shepsky is an athlete and needs a lot of time and space to stay healthy and give him a chance to burn off his energy.

Exercise and your Gerberian Shepsky

Without the right amount of exercise, your Gerberian Shepsky can become bored. And a bored German Shepherd Husky mix is ​​screaming for trouble! They can become disobedient and destructive and develop other annoying and undesirable behaviors.

A Siberian Husky is born to work and a German Shepherd is born to exercise. Don't neglect your mixed race's need to be an active participant in their world!

Try to spend at least an hour each day training your Gerberian Sehpsky. But don't forget to build in a variety of exercises and a good routine to keep your German Shepherd Husky mix happy. Simulate their mind and body and make sure they have safe activities they enjoy when you're away.

Can a tanner Shepsky live indoors?

While Gerberian Shepsky is quite happy living indoors with you, they take a long time to burn off their high energy. This means they need time outside, preferably in large open spaces, to run and play.

And many apartments are labeled German Shepherds and their mixes, which means apartments may not accept your German Shepherd Husky mix. You and your Gerberian Shepsky will be more comfortable having access to a large yard to run around in and spend time outside.

Brain and Braun: Gerberian Shepsky training

While Siberian Huskies are known for being willing to work and exercise, they are not considered to be as easy to train as the German Shepherd. Luckily, the mixed GSD gives you an edge when training the Gerberian Shepsky.

You will find with your German Shepherd Husky mix that they may please you, but they may take longer to learn their basic obedience and may be strong willed. The key is to start training your Gerberian Shepsky from a young age and to be consistent in your training and expectations.

When training your Gerberian Shepsky remember to meet their energy needs first and follow a healthy exercise schedule to prevent them from getting bored and unleashing all of their energy.

Train your Husky German Shepherd mix daily. Play brain games and teach them new tricks to help them learn different skills and avoid bad behavior.

The Diet of the Gerberian Shepsky

Your Gerberian Shepsky is a working breed and will require a quality diet. But how many calories they take in depends on how active they are and how much time you exercise with them.

You should be feeding your Gerberian Shepsky the right amount of calories so that he does not lose or gain weight as he becomes an adult. A German Shepherd Husky mix is ​​generally a large dog who ate a high-calorie diet as a puppy. You can supplement those calories with healthy treats, but only if treats make up no more than 10% of their diet.

Think of the calories from the treats you will be using when training your Gerberian Shepsky. Those treats still count toward your total calories. Only use small, pea-sized portions of treats.

Your Gerberian Shepsky's body should appear athletic, strong, and lean. And never skinny or bony. His body is described as stocky with tight muscles.

Gerberian Shepsky's life expectancy

The Gerberian Shepsky has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, which can be longer with proper health checks and excellent home care.

Ensuring the right kind of healthy exercise along with a quality diet will give your Husky/German Shepherd mix puppy the best start in life by choosing a responsible breeder with proper health and medical screening.

Gerberian Shepsky's health problems

You should be aware of possible health issues with Gerberian Shepsky. Because this breed is mixed with Siberian Husky and GSD, Gerberian Shepsky tends to have a mix of health issues from both parents.

Because of this, you need to buy your pup from an ethical breeder. Keep an eye out for these possible future health issues with your pup.

Elbow and hip dysplasia

Unfortunately, GSD and Siberian Husky are prone to thisElbow and hip dysplasia. This means that a German Shepherd mix of Huskies is also susceptible to this health issue.

An ethical breeder will provide you with the health records of both parents and may be able to see the genetic prevalence of elbow and hip dysplasia within the lineage of your Gerberian Shepsky's parents.

If you visit your veterinarian for regular health checkups, it's a good idea to regularly check your Gerberian Shepsky for early signs of this joint problem so you can take proactive steps.


Certain types of cancer are known to be transmitted by the GSD and Siberian Husky breeds. But don't let that put you off, as choosing the right breeder can help prevent cancer risks.

Also, new advances in cancer detection and testing are released every year, meaning you stand a good chance of early detection and control of this dreaded disease.

juvenile Cataracts

juvenile CataractsThey are a known health issue in the German Shepherd Husky mix. You should watch for cloudiness in your Gerberian Shepsky's eyes and stick to your routine vet visits.

There are some surgeries and medications that can help with cataracts, but early evaluation is important. Be aware of any eye problems your dog may have, such as: B. bumping or tripping in areas you are familiar with.

Is the Gerberian Shepsky a good fit for you?

Ultimately, only you can answer the question of whether Gerberian Shepsky is right for you.

If you've made it this far and are still curious about the German Shepherd Husky mix, then this breed might be worth exploring as a good match for you.

It is an active breed that requires an equally active owner. And you will need plenty of obedience training to keep his behavior in check. Also, this is not a dog that can survive on the cheapest dog food available - it needs a top quality food for its top athletic ability.

Be honest with yourself about how much time and money you have to care for a German Shepherd Husky mix...

Do you love daily brushing and grooming, long walks or scenic runs, daily obedience and workout sessions, and a furry body that leaves hair all over you and your house?

Congratulations, Gerberian Shepsky might just be the best friend you've been looking for!

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