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Waffles are a favorite of many families, whether for a classic breakfast or an after-dinner dessert. With the crispy crunch on the outside and the soft texture on the inside, these waffles are really delicious!

Most waffle recipes call for vegetable oil, but if you've run out of oil at home or don't like using vegetable oils in your food, what substitutes can you use?

What are the best substitutes for vegetable oil in waffles?Your options include coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, butter, lard, low-fat yogurt, mashed banana or applesauce. All of these give the waffles a bit of flavor and texture, but it works well in place of vegetable oil.

Keep reading to learn which substitutes we recommend as substitutes for vegetable oil in waffles and why they work so well.

7 substitutes for oil in waffles

Here are the 7 best substitutes for vegetable oil in waffles and how you can use them in waffle recipes!

RangeSubstitute Typebest feature
1.Coconut oilMakes crispier waffles
2.extra virgin olive oilBest for making low temperature waffles
3.ButterGives waffles a richer flavor.
4.LardAdds a creamier texture to waffles.
5.low fat yogurtAdds a tartness to waffles.
6.mashed bananasLow-fat option that adds banana flavor to waffles
7.To tryLow-fat option that sweetens waffles naturally

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a healthy alternative to vegetable oil. Although it has the same consistency as vegetable oil when heated, it has more nutritional value.

Coconut oil should be stored at room temperature, as it hardens when exposed to colder temperatures, which can make it difficult to blend into a waffle mix.

The ratio of using coconut oil when replacing vegetable oil is really simple:use 1 cup of coconut oil instead of 1 cup of vegetable oil.

You can also use a coconut oil spray to keep the waffles from sticking to the pan, so you really don't need to use any vegetable oil.

When you use coconut oil to cook waffles, they are crispier on the outside but still soft on the inside - just what you want!

Recommended: Nutiva Organic, unrefined coconut oil

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Nutiva Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil is a high quality oil with a pure and neutral taste.

Fresh coconuts are cold pressed immediately after harvesting, offering a pure oil with a slight coconut flavor without being too strong.

Made from 100% young organic coconuts, you can be sure you are getting the best quality and nutritional value possible when using this cold-pressed unrefined coconut oil.

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is another healthy vegetable oil substitute and also contains less calories. There are different oils on the market, but for the best results and nutrition, make sure you choose extra virgin olive oil.

This 'extra virgin' olive oil has a milder flavor than the others, so it doesn't add a strong flavor to your waffles and is the highest quality olive oil to use.

When replacing vegetable oil with extra virgin olive oil, you can use a 1:1 ratio. If the recipe calls for 1 cup of vegetable oil, you can substitute 1 cup of olive oil.

One thing to keep in mind when using extra virgin olive oil is that it burns at a very low temperature., so make sure you don't make the waffle iron too hot when adding the olive oil or waffle mix.

Extra virgin olive oil not only works as a vegetable oil substitute only in waffles, it can also be used in sauces, marinades, and salads.

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Recommended: Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil is imported directly from Italy and is made from cold-pressed olives.

The cold pressing process helps the olive oil retain all of its best nutrients and flavor.

It is a tasty and healthy alternative to vegetable oil and works well as a substitute in many meals and baked goods.

3. Butter

Butter is found in almost every kitchen, making it an easy substitute for vegetable oil when making waffles. However, you should use unsalted butter so that your waffles are not too salty when cooked.

It's not necessarily a healthier alternative to vegetable oil, but if you like waffles every now and then, it's not a big deal!

It gives the waffles a richer texture and flavor, and you can taste the addition of butter.

To substitute vegetable oil for butter,you can substitute 1 cup of melted unsalted butter in place of 1 cup of vegetable oil.

If you're using salted butter, be sure to reduce the salt content in the waffle batter so the waffle isn't too salty and doesn't have too much sodium.

4. lard

Lard is a semi-soft white fat found in certain meats that is high in saturated fatty acids but contains no trans fat.

Many cooks prefer to use lard instead of vegetable oil and even butter as it has good nutritional content and rich texture and flavor.

Lard gives waffles the same texture and flavor you would get with vegetable oil, and can be substituted in the same way, with 1 cup of lard replacing 1 cup of vegetable oil.

Lard would be a fabulous option formaking chamfers.

Recommended: Farm's Organic Lard

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This organic lard is non-GMO and is perfect for anyone looking for organic ingredients to use in cooking.

Lard offers rich flavor and flavor and helps to give a creamier texture to many items, and it definitely does that when used to make waffles.

This is a premium cooking oil that will truly be a favorite in your kitchen!

5. Low-fat yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy food, made from fermented milk and other ingredients. The bacteria in yogurt help produce yogurt cultures, which are incredibly good for you.

While you can make your own yogurt at home, most people choose to buy jars at the grocery store.

Use 1 cup of low-fat yogurt to replace 1 cup of vegetable oilwhen making the waffle batter. You will need to reduce the liquid content of the waffle batter, be it water or milk, as yogurt will add liquid to the mix.

Yogurt will add a tangy flavor to your waffles, but sometimes that just makes them tastier!

6. Mashed banana

If you have bananas in your kitchen, you already have an easy substitute for vegetable oil in waffles! Bananas are not only cheap but also nutritious and can help you make healthy waffles.

To use bananas in place of vegetable oil, you should choose very ripe bananas., which can be easily ground or blended in a food processor. You won't need to add sugar or water as bananas contain them naturally.

For 1 cup of vegetable oil, you can use ¾ cup of mashed banana.The waffles will have a banana flavor once cooked, but that's never a bad thing for breakfast waffles.

You can also use bananas in place of vegetable oil when baking breads and cakes, as a healthier alternative and to add more flavor and extra moisture to baked goods.

The only caveat to making mashed banana waffles is that they might not be as flavorful.reheatedas bananas tend to brown quickly.

7. Applesauce

Applesauce is made from fresh apples and can be made at home or bottled at the store.

Applesauce can be made with peeled or unpeeled apples, and can be plain or with added sweeteners and spices. It is cheaper and healthier compared to vegetable oil.

The applesauce flavor gives the waffles a sweet, fruity flavor, and you can even eat them plain without adding any other sweeteners on top.

You'll need to measure as you go, starting with ¾ cup of applesauce up to 1 cup of vegetable oil and working up to 1 cup of applesauce if needed.

Instead of mixing the applesauce into the waffle mix, you can pour the applesauce over the waffle mix and place the batter on top. This gives the outside of the waffle a great texture and flavor!

If you have leftover waffles, don't forgetfreeze-them.

Related questions

Can I use peanut oil instead of vegetable oil?

Used in moderation, peanut oil can be used as an alternative to vegetable oil. It can be used in the same measure as vegetable oil.Peanut oil has a high smoke point., which makes it ideal for frying, as it does not burn easily.

Peanut oil has a neutral taste, so it doesn't change the taste of the food too much.

How much butter do I use instead of ½ cup of oil?

You should be using about 1/2 cup of butter to ½ cup of oil.. It depends on the recipe. Butter can be used in place of oil in many recipes, but it usually needs to be melted to make it easier to incorporate into the recipe.

Can I use shortening in waffles?

You can replace vegetable oil with fat when making waffles. Use ½ cup of shortening instead of ½ cup of vegetable oil.

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