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Utrecht, the city in the center of the Netherlands. A 900-year-old city, since Utrecht has had city rights since 1122. A city with atmosphere, a city with fun, a city with lots of students, you name it. In Utrecht you have almost everything. So Utrecht is a city where you can enjoy shopping and popping into the wine bar or café in between. You have to enjoy life a bit too. But we can not only enjoy drinking, of course, eating is also part of it. And after a day of shopping, it's only nice when you can eat as much as you want. The concept of all you can eat whether you like it or not! We love it, so we've helped you with a list of some all-you-can-eat restaurants in Utrecht. Curious? Continue reading!

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  • BBQ Topkapi
  • Tapas bar The World
  • Gogi-Gui
  • National
  • La Cubanita Utrecht
  • Herr Shi
  • 't ZusjeUtrecht


If you want to enjoy a delicious sushi or different types of wok at the end of the day, the Umami is the place for you. Just looking at the menu makes your mouth water! At least that's how it is with us!

The good thing is that you don't always have to rely on the all-you-can-eat concept here, because there are four concepts in total. Two for lunch, the 5S Lunch and the All you can taste, plus there are two concepts for dinner, namely 3 rounds and all you can taste. Because umami isn't about how much you can eat, it's about the taste.

With a staff on top of things, you can rest assured that you will enjoy an evening here.

Oudegracht 74, Utrecht

030 231 64 84


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BBQ Topkapi

An all you can eat restaurant in Utrecht where everything is halal, you don't come across that often! But that's how it is with Topkapi. They fully correspond to Islamic culture, also taking into account Ramadan.

With a grill in the middle of the table you probably think it's going to smell really bad, but that's what was thought. That is, in the middle, above the grill, there is a very large extractor hood, which also absorbs odors to a great extent.

Portions are big enough if you don't have enough now? No problem! There is always the possibility to order meat or fish. Some meat or fish are available at extra cost.

All in all, you can spend a very nice and pleasant evening here!

Amsterdamsestraatweg 332, Utrecht

030 743 29 70


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Tapas bar The World

Unlimited tapas for a maximum of €25 in the center of Utrecht, who wouldn't want that? With a fairly new menu with smaller portions, there are now even more dishes to try. Because that is the intention at all you can eat in Utrecht. Don't eat as much as possible, but enjoy as much as possible.

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The service always does an excellent job. Of course it's not always easy, but they are happy to make you, as a guest, have a very pleasant evening. It's a place where you really feel like royalty.

In short, a super tapas bar where you can certainly enjoy a night!

Voorstraat 18, Utrecht

030 236 45 43



Korean grill but in an all you can eat concept in Utrecht. Of course you can also eat sushi there, but the focus is really on the grill dishes. And no, these are completely different dishes than Topkapi BBQ. With many different dishes you could try everything! You are not necessarily forced to eat the same thing twice.

Where very salty marinade is often found in many Korean restaurants, that is not the case here. Sure, the marinade is flavorful, but not so salty that it forces you to order extra drinks. Despite this, the staff really make sure you don't get thirsty.

People come from all over to eat here which says a lot about the restaurant! So when are you going to grill Korean?

Zamenhofdreef 101, Utrecht

030 751 24 17


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East Asian cuisine, but on a culinary level. Why isn't the food served here on a simple table or plate? No, here every dish becomes a feast for the eyes. It's not just about the taste, it's also about the sight. You often eat with all your senses, so good design is part of it. It's an all-you-can-eat concept packaged as a potluck dinner. Because there is no time limit here either, with MiLi there is no time limit! Because fun knows no time.

Please note that the order is limited in time! The last order must be placed at 21:45 as the kitchen closes at 22:00. But that doesn't mean you can't have a nice late dinner!

Biltstraat 47, Utrecht

030 369 02 66


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La Cubanita Utrecht

In addition to El Mundo, there is also La Cubanita. Who doesn't know it, maybe the most famous tapas restaurant in the Netherlands. With huge TV commercials and huge advertising campaigns, it's almost impossible to do anything else. But it's not for nothing, it's a brand they've built. But besides this brand, they also have incredibly delicious food.

And you can tell that the food is good. Reservations are highly recommended, especially on weekends. So you really have to be on time or you risk not getting a table. Everyone wants to be able to enjoy the best environments in Spain, Cuba, Brazil or whatever

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Oudkerkhof 44, Utrecht

030 232 86 48


Herr Shi

An authentic wok restaurant cannot and should not be missing from this list. If there's one thing that truly sums up the definition of All You Can Eat, it's the stir-fries. If you build your own plate, eat as much as you can. This will be the image of the stir fry for many people.

But Mister Shi isn't just a wok restaurant, it's just a Chinese takeaway. Now you can eat the authentic Chinese dishes at home. Just beautiful!

Wok restaurants also require particularly good hygiene! Don't worry here, the cleaning is done well enough!

Amerongseberg 89, Utrecht

030 289 73 98


't ZusjeUtrecht

Next to La Cubanita, 't Zusje is perhaps the second most famous tapas restaurant. It can also be something more exclusive. In the beautiful location where you can sit by the canal in the summer. Because in winter it is too cold!

You absolutely have to order the old-fashioned tapas sandwiches, which also has something to do with all the technology these days! It also ensures that you are more involved in the conversation with your friends and family. And a big plus: desserts are included in the tapas menu! Well, have fun!

Oudegracht 2, Utrecht

030 721 08 55


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So there are plenty of options for all you can eat in Utrecht! But not only in Utrecht there are many all-you-can-eat restaurants. So there are enoughAll-you-can-eat-Restaurants in Amsterdam,AlmereInRotterdam! Anyway, enjoy your night!

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