Dogs for adoption on file with Calgary AB (2023)

Dogs for adoption on file with Calgary AB (1)

Adopt a pre-loved dog or puppy in Calgary

you have been lookingpuppies for adoption in calgary? Pet Adoptions Network helps find good homes for your loved onesdogsemcalgary. We showdogs and dogsfor owner adoption in and around Calgary.

We can help you find the right dog for your family through our waiting list system. We review our database of dog lovers looking to adopt with each dog or puppy we are given the important responsibility of rehoming.

You can learn all about your potential dog's health and behavioral history, reasons for rehoming and much more. It is very important that a dog is carefully matched to a new home for the best chances of success. Patience pays off with an amazing companion that will bring you years of love, laughter, and friendship.

Our private dog rehoming process, carried out by friendly, helpful and highly empathetic adoption counselors, helps replace heartbreak with hope and worry with peace of mind for dog owners facing this painful need to rehome their dogs.

Do you need to rehome your dog?

We are here for you. contact ourDog Rehoming in Calgaryfor a no-obligation consultation by phone, text or email.

We will be happy to offer you advice and support, answer any questions and lend a helping hand.

Shelters and rescues in Calgary are not the answer for your precious dog or puppy. Putting your dog alone includes many risks to you and your dog's safety and well-being. Let our experienced and compassionate pet adoption specialists help you find your dog the perfect forever home that is safe, comfortable and with minimal stress for your dog and you.

Call or send a message(403) 589-6618speak to our relocation coordinator, Debbie Moore, orfill out our admission formfor an appointment to talk to us about your situation.

Learn all about our proven dog relocation process.

Dogs for adoption in Calgary


Collie German Shepherd Mix Dog for adoption in Calgary AB - Supplies included - Adopt Coco

Looking for a German Shepherd Collie dog to adopt in Calgary, Alberta? At just 3 years old and weighing 45 kilos, Coco was groomed, fully vaccinated and housebroken. She is good with older children, new people, and dogs who like dogs. Coco will need to work on some behaviors like mounting, but she is starting to train dogs and will definitely learn quickly. Like many dogs from similar circumstances, Coco is a highly intelligent and highly trainable dog. She will make a wonderful companion for a family looking for a special rescue dog to shower with unconditional love. Coco had a rough start in life. She was a stray dog ​​who lived on a reservation before being rescued by HEART Dog Rescue. Currently placed in foster care, Coco has adapted well to life indoors and is learning to trust people. She showed her foster mom a lot of love and is sure to make a wonderful companion! The dog relocation team will make arrangements for you to meet Coco and her owners. Adopt Coco today

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Do you want a pair of amazing dogs to add love, joy, laughter and companionship to your home and family? Meet Kassus and Boogs, a dynamic dog duo looking for a loving new home as a couple in and around Calgary, Alberta. Boogs the Golden Retriever is 8 years old and weighs 30 kilos, while his friend Kassus is a beautiful Border Colliie Great Pyrenees Mix. Both dogs get along well with people of all ages, including those they've never met. They can be slightly reactive on a leash. Both are healthy, happy dogs with incredibly loving personalities. They are affectionate bunnies and are considered lap dogs (if you're willing to join in!). Dogs will be rehomed with all veterinary supplies and records. All you need to provide is unconditional love, a great home with a large, well-fenced yard, and plenty of time to spend with the dogs. They love to walk, even in the snow. Adopt this beautiful couple today. Please visit your adoption story page at for more details. Questions? Email KASHUSBOOGSYYC at (888) 833-2128 for an instant response.

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Schnauzer Cocker Spaniel Mix Dog for adoption in Calgary AB - Supplies Included - Adopt Jasper

Looking for a Cocker Spaniel x Standard Schnauzer mix dog to adopt in Calgary, Alberta? At just 5 years old and weighing 60 pounds, Jasper has been groomed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, cage trained, house trained and collar trained. Jasper is great with respectful adults and older children. Jasper is such a loving, happy, healthy, sweet dog. His only problem is that he is deathly afraid of other dogs. This fear arises in what is called "severe canine reactivity". His anxiety causes him to react aggressively when he encounters other dogs. Therefore, Jasper is NOT a dog you can take to the dog park and should be kept on a short leash when out for walks and be careful when encountering other dogs on the path or on the sidewalk. Despite this problem, Jasper deserves to find his forever home with a family in Calgary and the area who have the right environment and plenty of time to spend with him. He has lots of love, hugs, laughter and companionship to offer. Adopt JASPER today. Questions? Text JASPERCALGARY at (888) 833-2128 for an instant response. NOTE: NO PHONE CALL PLEASE! Submit a meeting request at and we will be in touch to schedule a call with Jasper's owners should they wish to consider your request. If you are not chosen, you will have the opportunity to apply for similar dog owners as they are placed for rehoming with our service. Thanks!

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ADOPTED – Patterdale Terrier in Airdrie AB – Annie

Patterdale Terrier dog Adopted from Airdrie, AB Sweet Annie has found her forever home in NE Calgary with the help of Sara and Debbie, Annie's rehoming team. If you need help finding a great home for your small dog in and around Calgary, please contact us. Do you want to adopt a small dog in Calgary? To take…

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REHOMED - Mini American Eskimo Dog in Calgary - Echo

Looking for a mini American Eskimo dog to adopt in Calgary, AB? At just 2 years old and weighing 20 pounds, Echo has been taken care of, fully vaccinated, housebroken and microchipped, and does well with older children. This handsome man is very affectionate when he meets you and has lots of love and pampering to give. Echo is looking for a wonderful home where his new owners are with him most of the time and where he is pampered like the prince he is. Echo's owners are very saddened to have to relocate their beloved dog. They hope to find Echo a new home where this special dog will be loved and kept safe, happy and healthy for a lifetime. If you have room in your heart and home for Echo, fill out our online meeting request form. Upon receipt, our CalgaryDog rehoming team will make the necessary arrangements for you to meet Echo and his owners. Adopt Echo today! There is a $650.00 adoption processing fee. Veterinary supplies, accessories and records will be included.

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Exquisite Shih Tzu English Springer Spaniel Mix Puppy for Adoption in Calgary AB - Supplies Included - Adopt CJ (Coco Jewel)

Are you looking for an amazing medium-sized dog for adoption in Calgary? If the Shih Tzu and English Springer Spaniel are among your favorite dog breeds, CJ is a puppy you should consider. This very cute, smart, well behaved medium sized dog has been spayed, fully vaccinated, house trained, leash trained and obedience trained. She is very good with young children, adults, dog-accepting cats, and other dogs. Her 10-year-old owner is absolutely heartbroken, but her father has developed allergies that make his other health problems much worse. There is no choice but to relocate CJ (Coco Jewel). We are hoping to find a family that will allow this sweet girl to see CJ occasionally and receive occasional updates with photos and Zoom calls. This will make the situation much easier for her. CJ is an energetic dog who will need owners who can give her the attention, play and exercise she needs to be happy and healthy. If you have room in your heart and home for CJ, please ask to meet with her via our meeting request form today. We are looking forward to hearing from you! #ShihTzuMix #EnglishSpringerSpanielMix #ESSMix #PuppiesofCalgary #CalgaryPuppyAdoption #Adoptdontshop #ShihTzusofIG #SpringersofIG #InstaPuppy #PuppiesofInstagram #DogsofCalgary

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