Can waffle mix be used to make pancakes? - The rusty spoon (2023)

Quick Answer Can I use waffle mix to make pancakes?: Waffle mix is ​​a pre-made pancake batter that comes in a box. Ingredients include flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, milk, eggs, oil and vanilla extract. Yes, you can use waffle mix to make pancakes. If you want to get creative, you can add other ingredients like chocolate chips or fruit.

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If you are looking for waffle recipes, there are many out there. However, if you are looking for something special, you should check out our article below!

There are many types of waffles including sweet waffles, savory waffles, gluten free waffles, vegan waffles and even chocolate chip waffles. You'll also find waffle recipes that call for ingredients like eggs, milk, butter, syrup, and maple sugar.

Can waffle mix be used to make pancakes? - The rusty spoon (1)

Pancakes are delicious breakfast snacks. Some like waffles, others pancakes. If you're looking for a quick fix, you can always go out and grab a box of pancake mix.

However, if you don't want to spend money on ingredients, consider making your own pancake batter.

There are many recipes online that you can follow and you don't have to worry about wasting anything. You can even save money by buying pre-made pancake mixes.

How are pancakes and waffles really different?

Waffles and pancakes are very different foods. Waffles are made from yeast dough while pancakes are made from batter. Waffles are usually thicker than pancakes and crispier on the outside. Pancakes tend to be thinner, softer, and fluffier.

Both waffles and pancakes are delicious when eaten hot out of the oven. However, if you like them cold, then the waffles are perfect. If you prefer pancakes, you will love waffles.

Waffles and pancakes are similar in that they both start out with flour, water, salt, baking powder, and sugar. But there are differences in the way they cook.

Waffles are made in a waffle iron while pancakes are made in a skillet or griddle. Pancakes tend to be sweeter and have less oil than waffles. Waffles and pancakes aren't really that different.

Both waffles and pancakes are made from flour and eggs. However, there are differences between them. For example, waffles are typically prepared on a griddle while pancakes are prepared in an oven. Pancakes are also thicker than waffles.

Despite these differences, the ingredients are almost identical. Both waffles and pancakes contain flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, butter, and eggs.

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There are many variations for each recipe, but the basic ingredients remain the same. So yes, you can use waffle mix to cook pancakes!

Waffles are made from flour and leavening agents such as baking powder or yeast. These ingredients create bubbles when heated. When cooked, the bubbles burst, leaving holes in the dough. The batter is then poured onto a hot surface and baked until golden brown.

A waffle iron creates steam as it cooks, giving it that distinctive fluffy texture.

Pancakes are also made with flour and leavening agents, but instead of using a waffle iron, they are made on a griddle or skillet over medium-high heat. The result is a slightly thicker pancake that isn't quite as flaky.

Pancakes and waffles are made from flour, eggs, milk and oil. However, there are two main differences. First, pancakes are cooked in a pan while waffles are cooked in a waffle iron.

Second, pancake batter contains less sugar and fat than waffle batter. This will make the waffle golden on the outside and soft on the inside. Pancakes are usually served with syrup. Waffles are usually served with butter and honey.

Reduce the amount of fat

Reducing fat is the best thing you can do when making pancakes. You need to start reducing the amount of oil you add to the batter. If you reduce the amount of oil, you will get lighter pancakes.

The problem with adding too much oil is that the pancakes get very greasy. The fat will stick to the surface of the pancake, allowing it to burn easily.

You should also try using less butter. The butter is really rich and adds a lot of calories to the pancakes. These extra calories keep you feeling full for longer, which can lead to overeating later. The next step is to reduce the amount of sugar that you put in the dough.

Sugar is added because it helps create a nice texture. However, too much sugar will make the pancakes taste sweet. Sweetness isn't what you want in a pancake. The last thing to consider is the type of flour you are using.

Flour is made from wheat, which is why it's found in everything from bread to cakes. Wheat flour absorbs a lot of water, making pancakes heavier. You should try to bake with other flours like corn flour, buckwheat, rice, etc.

Try not to add more sugar

The sugar content also helps make the waffles sweeter and richer overall. Too much sugar will darken the color of the waffle batter and make it taste like caramel.

You want that classic light brown color when you're making waffles, and using just the right amounts of flour and sugar is important.

It doesn't matter whether you reduce the amount of sugar or the amount of fat. Delicious pancakes can also be prepared without any additional ingredients.

Keep in mind that the pancake recipe calls for 1 cup flour, 2 tablespoons baking soda, 3 eggs, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 cup milk, and 1/3 cup oil.

So when you make your own pancake recipe, you must follow these instructions exactly. Don't worry about the box asking you to add something else to the mix. There is no need to change anything. Follow the recipe exactly.

Make pancakes normally

Can waffle mix be used to make pancakes? - The rusty spoon (2)
(Video) How to Make the Easiest Pancakes Ever

Don't forget to follow the instructions on the packaging. If you follow them exactly, you should end up with delicious waffles. However, if you're trying to make pancakes instead of waffles, you'll need to use the same techniques you would use to make pancakes normally.

You also need to use the same amount of heat you would normally use to bake pancakes. Make sure you do everything else the same so you get a consistent result.

Be careful not to add any extra fat or sugar content to the waffle mix as you will end up with heavy, greasy pancakes. After everything is mixed, pour the mixture onto a hot griddle.

Bake until golden brown and serve. Your family will love the taste of your pancakes!

The waffles are tasty, but you have to pay attention to details. If you're not careful when preparing them, you'll end up with mushy, tasteless waffles. But if you follow the directions carefully, you can make delicious waffles every time.

You shouldn't need any pancake mix

You don't need any special equipment to make pancakes at home. All you need are eggs, white sugar, skim milk, baking powder, flour, butter and a skillet.

That's really all there is to it! Once you have these ingredients, you can start baking delicious pancakes.

Some people prefer to cook pancakes with real maple syrup than honey. However, if you want to add a sweet flavor to your pancakes, you can add some powdered sugar to them.

You can also try sprinkling cinnamon or nutmeg on the pancakes before you eat them.

If you love to bake, you probably already have everything you need to make your own pancake mix. Just buy the right kind of flour and eggs and you should be good to go.

However, if you really want to cut down on prep time, consider pancake mix.

But if you don't mind spending a little extra money, you can skip the pre-made stuff. Pancakes aren't exactly easy to make, especially when you're trying to make them quickly. So if you have time, you might want to try the homemade pancakes.

Top tips for pancakes

You may not know it, but there are many ways to make pancakes. Some cooks like to add ingredients to the batter before baking, while others prefer to cook the pancake directly in oil.

There are also a number of different techniques that can be used to flip the pancake after cooking. These differences can affect the outcome of your pancake. By following the tips below, you can achieve great results every time you make pancakes.

Use real buttermilk

Buttermilk is very important in making pancakes. The buttermilk gives the pancake a nice texture. If you don't have buttermilk, you can use regular milk with vinegar or lemon. This will still taste good, but it may not be as thick as the original.

You can always buy a larger container of buttermilk if you need more. Buttermilk doesn't spoil quickly, so you can keep buying it until you run out. However, if you are going to use the buttermilk right away, it is better to buy a small jar as it will last longer.

The dough should be lumpy

If your dough turns out to be lumpy, that doesn't mean you did anything wrong. If you see streaks of flour in the batter when you start mixing, it means you need to stop mixing.

(Video) Easy Waffle Recipe | How to Make Homemade Waffles

Don't blend any longer than necessary or you'll make pancakes that aren't very good.

You might not realize it at first, but there's a lot of science behind making pancakes. You have to start with a good recipe. If you don't have a good recipe, you'll end up wasting ingredients and your pancakes will go bad.

You also need to consider the temperature of your kitchen when mixing the batter. Pancakes should always be cooked at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that if you use an oven, it must be preheated to 200 degrees before you put the pan in it. If you are using a stove, you should heat the burner to around 200 degrees before placing the pan on it. When cooking pancakes, you need to keep an eye on them.

Be careful not to burn the bottom. If so, consider flipping them. Also make sure your batter is not too thick or thin. Too thick will make your pancakes chewy, while too thin will make them fall apart.

Flip the pancakes when the bubbles start to pop

If you're not sure if your pancakes are ready, check them every minute. When the bubbles start popping, it means your pancakes are ready. Don't overcook your pancakes because nobody likes burnt ones.

Flipping pancakes is a tricky skill that takes practice. To find the right time, you have to watch the bubbles. When the bubbles stop popping, the pancake is ready.

A well flipped pancake will be golden brown on both sides with just a hint of crispiness. Don't worry about burning the first page. As long as the second side cooks quickly, everyone will love them!

with an iron

A griddle is a tool that you can use to cook your favorite foods. There are different types of irons. Some are cast iron, others are stainless steel.

Cast iron griddles are heavy and durable. Stainless steel grill plates are lighter and easier to clean.

An iron also comes with an electric heating element. These items will help you to prepare your food quickly and easily. Griddle plates are ideal for preparing several dishes at the same time. You can even cook large amounts of food with just one griddle.

There are two options when preparing pancakes. One is to cook them directly in a pan, like a regular pan. Another option is to use a special iron that allows you to cook them at a higher temperature.

In any case, it's important not to add fat to the batter during baking, as this could cause the pancakes to stick. Coated pans are best suited for this purpose.

Finally, you should always grease the pan before adding the batter. Otherwise you risk burning your pancake.

easy pancake recipe

To make the pancakes you need to start with a simple pancake recipe. If you like thick pancakes, you need to adjust the amount of flour.

Start by adding 2 cups of flour to your bowl. Then add 1/2 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon baking soda, and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Mix these ingredients well.

Next, add 3 tablespoons of milk and 3 eggs to the bowl. Beat them all together until combined. Finally, add 4 teaspoons of vegetable oil to the bowl.

(Video) Pancake 4 Ways | Jamie Oliver

Be sure to stir the batter well before pouring it onto the griddle. You'll probably need to add a few drops of oil to prevent sticking.

Once you've poured the batter onto the griddle, you'll need to cook the pancakes for about 5 minutes per side. When you flip the pancakes, you should cover the top half of the pancake with another pancake.

This will prevent the bottom half from burning when you flip the other side. After flipping both sides, let the pancakes rest for a few seconds before serving.

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Can you use waffle mix as pancake mix? ›

Can you use waffle mix to make pancakes? Yes, you can. Waffle mix contains all of the basic ingredients that go into making airy and delicious pancakes. All you need to do is to prepare the batter by adjusting a few ingredients and then cook it in a pan instead of a waffle iron.

Are pancake and waffle batter the same? ›

What's the Difference Between the Batters? Both waffle and pancake recipes share some of the same basic ingredients, like eggs, milk and flour, but their batters are not the same. Waffles usually contain more fat and sometimes more sugar.

Is pancake and waffle mix the same as Bisquick? ›

Pancake Mix – Pancake mix is a lot like Bisquick, but it may yield a slightly sweeter result due to its sugar content. Jiffy Baking Mix – Use Jiffy baking mix in place of Bisquick and get delicious results!

What can I use to scoop pancake mix? ›

5) Use a cookie scoop for your batter.

A cookie scoop is much better than a measuring cup for dropping the batter. It ensures that each pancake will be a uniform size, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of judging when to flip each one. (A muffin scoop also works for larger pancakes.) One flip, then you're done.

Why do you put oil in waffle mix but not in pancake mix? ›

The extra oil also makes the waffle batter runnier than the batter for pancakes. A looser batter makes for lighter waffles. This batter will expand in the waffle maker as it heats up, and the result will be crispy, light, waffle perfection!

Is it better to use milk or water in waffle mix? ›

One of the major benefits of using milk of any kind instead of water is the added protein, which may more may not give you bear-like strength. Our Power Cakes Flapjack & Waffle Mix is crafted to deliver 14g of protein per serving when using water. Many milk alternatives increase the protein depending on the milk.

Which is healthier waffle or pancake? ›

Which Is the Better Choice? Without any altercations to the typical recipe, pancakes have 20% less calories than waffles due to their small nature. Because pancakes are individually cooked on a grilled or skillet, one is able to control the size of a pancake.

Should waffle batter be thin or thick? ›

Waffle batter should be thinner than pancake batter. When making pancakes, you want the batter to be thick to make thick, fluffy pancakes. Waffle batter should be thinner to produce a light, airy waffle. If the batter is too thin, however, there will be too much air in your waffle.

Why do waffles and pancakes taste different? ›

Waffles generally have more butter and sugar in the batter and become more caramelized while cooking, so they savor a little richer. On the other hand, pancakes are softer and easier to eat. Both take ice cream, syrup, or other sweet toppings as well as each other in a flavor sensation.

Is Krusteaz pancake mix the same as waffle mix? ›

This pancake mix is made with just basic ingredients: sugar, flour, milk, and a bit of butter. It goes great in pancakes and waffles, but be sure to double or triple the recipe depending on the size of your waffle or pancake mix.

Is pancake mix just flour? ›

No, pancake mix is not just flour. It contains some kind of sweetener, salt, and ingredients that help make the pancakes fluffy and helps them rise while they cook.

What is the secret to making the best pancakes? ›

7 Tips for a Better Batch of Pancakes Every Time
  1. Check the freshness of your baking powder. ...
  2. Whisk your dry ingredients to avoid big lumps. ...
  3. Resist the over-mix. ...
  4. Rest the batter. ...
  5. Use a big skillet or, better yet, a griddle. ...
  6. Wipe out the pan between batches. ...
  7. Pay attention.
1 May 2019

Is it better to use milk or water in pancake mix? ›

Yes, you can replace water with milk when making pancakes. The milk will add more fat and calories to the pancakes, making them richer and more flavorful. If you're watching your fat intake, you may want to use skim milk instead of whole milk.

Is it better to use butter or oil in pancakes? ›

Butter tastes great, but it browns too quickly on the high heat of your skillet to be useful for making pancakes. A good pancake requires a fat with a higher smoke point—such as canola oil, shortening, coconut oil or even ghee or clarified butter.

What does adding an egg to waffle mix do? ›

The egg will add richness to the recipe and make the end result taste like homemade pancakes. If your pancake mix already calls for an egg, try adding an extra one.

What should you avoid when mixing pancake batter? ›

Just don't make the most common pancake mistake — over-mixing your pancake batter! Perfectly fluffy pancakes take just a few turns of the wrist. Over-mixing is an ambitious baker's enemy. Too much stirring can turn what would otherwise be lofty, tender pancakes into tough, flat disappointments.

Do you have to put egg in waffle mix? ›

Yes, you can make waffles without eggs! And this recipe can be adapted to suit common food allergies – egg free, dairy free, or vegan.

What is the purpose of having baking powder in your waffle mix? ›

Baking powder and baking soda help the waffles rise and brown. For the lightest waffles, I recommend using both. Sugar, salt, and vanilla extract help the waffles taste great. I keep the sugar amount low since I love pouring maple syrup on top, but you can increase the sugar for sweeter waffles.

What can you add to waffle mix to make it better? ›

  1. Bacon! ...
  2. A handful of blueberries or other small or sliced berries.
  3. Miniature chocolate chips. ...
  4. Miniature cinnamon chips. ...
  5. Peanut butter (about 1/4 cup peanut butter for every cup of flour). ...
  6. 1/2 cup cocoa with 1/3 cup sugar.
  7. 1 cup crushed pineapples (drained well); top finished waffles with whipped cream and coconut flakes.
20 Aug 2014

Are pancakes or waffles good for diabetics? ›


In fact, it's one of the foods to avoid for diabetics. The carbs and sugar can quickly increase your blood sugar levels, and there's no fibre or protein to keep you fuller for longer.

What is healthier eggs or pancakes? ›

Unless it's a whole-grain, nut-flecked, bursting-with-berries kind of pancake, I'd usually stick with eggs because they're more inherently nutritious and higher in protein, which will keep you feeling full on fewer calories.

Why are pancakes so much better than waffles? ›

Pancakes are softer and easier to eat. They can also be fully on the inside and crispy around the edges. Pancakes are denser and more filling than waffles. It's difficult to walk away hungry after eating a stack of pancakes.

Why do restaurant pancakes taste better? ›

Griddles heat the pancakes evenly and allow more pancakes to cook at once — meaning that you can cook up large batches and serve them while they're still piping hot.

What is the most popular pancake mix? ›

Top 50 Scanned: Pancake Mix beta
#1Power Cakes, Protein Packed Buttermilk, Flapjack and Waffle Mix Kodiak Cakes0.5 cup
#2Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix, Complete Aunt Jemima0.33 cup
#3Complete Pancake Mix, Buttermilk Krusteaz0.5 cup mix
#4Light & Fluffy Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix Krusteaz0.5 cup mix
46 more rows

How does Gordon Ramsay make perfect pancakes? ›

Instead of using a boxed pancake mix, Gordon mixes his own ratio of flour, milk, and eggs with a whisk before letting it sit for about 15 minutes to thicken. Then, using a hot nonstick pan and cooking spray, he'll spoon about a ladle full of the pancake batter mixture onto the center of the pan.

Can I add an extra egg to waffle mix? ›

The extra egg in a waffle batter makes a crispy exterior surrounding a moist fluffy inside with lots of air pockets. While you certainly can cook pancake batter in your waffle iron, they won't have the same texture or flavor that classic waffles have.

Should waffle batter be cold or warm? ›

Waffle tip #2: Warm your liquid ingredients.

Second, liquid ingredients blend together more easily and completely when they're all around the same (warm or room) temperature.

Can you use milk in waffle mix? ›

In a separate bowl, beat the eggs. Stir in the milk, butter and vanilla. Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture; beat until blended. Ladle the batter into a preheated waffle iron.

Can you cook pancakes in a waffle maker? ›

Yes, you can make pancakes in a waffle maker. All you need to do is make the pancake batter and pour it into the waffle maker. Cook the pancakes for a few minutes until they are golden brown. Serve with syrup and butter.

Which came first waffle or pancake? ›

Pancakes are way older than waffles; they've been around in some form since at least the 1430s, based on the first written record of the word “pancake,” but probably existed long before then in some form. The first waffle iron was only patented in 1869, so relatively speaking, it's still the new kid on the block.

How do you make pancake mix taste like a restaurant? ›

Boxed pancakes can often taste a little bland, but worry no more! We have the solution for that. Adding a little vanilla or almond exact to your pancake mix will take them from okay pancakes to incredible pancakes. You can also add some cinnamon, all spice, pumpkin pie spice or even some type of citrus zest.

Can I use Krusteaz Belgian waffle mix for pancakes? ›

Krusteaz sells the Belgian Waffle mix on their website. It has bleached wheat flour, barley flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, soybean oil, and mainly natural flavors. However, can you make pancakes out of it? Well, you can try making pancakes from the Krusteaz waffle mix by adding some more water to the mixture.

What happens if you don't add egg to waffle mix? ›

If you need your egg replacer for a fluffier recipe, like pancakes or even waffles, mix together one teaspoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of white vinegar. It won't be acidic or bitter when you cook it, even though it sounds like it should be part of an elementary school experiment.

Can I use butter instead of oil in Krusteaz waffle mix? ›

Butter (Rich and Moist Pick)

I'm that person that likes to see the butter dripping off of my toast. I just can't help but love that rich and indulgent flavor! That said, it's no wonder why butter is my top pick for swapping vegetable oil in waffles. You can use melted butter in a 1:1 swap for vegetable oil.

Is Aunt Jemima pancakes just flour? ›

A popular brand of just-add water pancake mix is Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Complete. This just-add-water mix is a blend of dry ingredients like flour enriched with niacinamide, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid (all forms of Vitamin B), sugar, salt, and leavening agents like baking powder and baking soda.

What is the purpose of milk in pancakes? ›

Milk adds both flavor and texture to pancake batter, so if you are looking to make pancakes without milk, a simple swap to water doesn't always do the trick. For pancakes made without milk, you'll want to add some flavor through melted butter and vanilla extract.

What kind of flour is best for pancakes? ›

All-purpose flour (APV) is the most commonly used flour for pancakes. By using APV in your recipe, your pancakes will neither be too dense nor too airy.

Can I use Belgian waffle mix for pancakes? ›

A Belgian waffle mix contains leavening agents like egg whites to make the batter fluffy and light. However, this does not change our recipe for pancakes at all. You can easily use Belgian waffle mix to make pancakes as well. Just read the instructions on the pack and then pour the batter onto a pan with a low flame.

What else can you use a waffle maker for? ›

Meanwhile, the waffle maker can give you everything from breakfast to dessert, like the eleven we present you today.
  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Nooks and crannies in your cookies! ...
  2. Brownies. Perfect for drizzling caramel and sea salt. ...
  3. Cinnamon Rolls. ...
  4. Churros. ...
  5. Macaroni & Cheese. ...
  6. Soft Pretzels. ...
  7. Quesadillas. ...
  8. Calzones.

What is the difference between a waffle maker and a pancake maker? ›

The main difference between a waffle maker and a pancake maker is in their design. Waffle makers are kitchen appliances with two patterned iron plates that compress waffle batter and give it a characteristic shape, while a pancake maker has a flat surface for cooking pancake batter so they come out fluffy.

What to add to waffle mix to make it better? ›

  1. Bacon! ...
  2. A handful of blueberries or other small or sliced berries.
  3. Miniature chocolate chips. ...
  4. Miniature cinnamon chips. ...
  5. Peanut butter (about 1/4 cup peanut butter for every cup of flour). ...
  6. 1/2 cup cocoa with 1/3 cup sugar.
  7. 1 cup crushed pineapples (drained well); top finished waffles with whipped cream and coconut flakes.
20 Aug 2014

Is Belgian waffle mix the same as waffle mix? ›

Belgian Waffles vs Regular Waffles:

The Belgian waffle batter is also made a little differently than regular waffles, often with a leavening agent or egg whites (as used in this recipe) to make the batter light and fluffy. Different Belgian waffle pans cook square, rectangular, or round waffles.

Is there a difference between waffle mix and Belgian waffle mix? ›

The Difference Between Belgian Waffles and Regular Waffles

These Belgian beauties are made with a recipe that includes yeasted batter and crunchy pearl sugar. Belgian waffles have extra-deep pockets—the better for filling with butter, jam, maple syrup, or whipped cream.

What is the main difference between a pancake waffle and crepe batter? ›

Crepes are no exception. A french dish, it's prime ingredients are identical to that of pancakes and waffles…that is except for one thing—baking powder. Without baking powder, there's no rising agent, accounting for the thinness of a crepe.

Should waffle batter be thicker or thinner? ›

Waffle batter should be thinner than pancake batter. When making pancakes, you want the batter to be thick to make thick, fluffy pancakes. Waffle batter should be thinner to produce a light, airy waffle. If the batter is too thin, however, there will be too much air in your waffle.

Can you use milk instead of water in Krusteaz waffle mix? ›

Use Milk/ Alternative Milk Instead Of Water

Even though the mix may call for water, you can easily substitute that for an alternative milk (I like oat milk). You may have to add a dash more due to the difference in consistency, but it'll taste so much better!

Can you substitute eggs in waffle mix? ›

Also, it may result in a nuttier flavor, so it works best in products like pancakes, waffles, muffins, breads, and cookies. Ground flaxseeds and chia seed make great egg substitutes. Mixing 1 tablespoon (7 grams) of either with 3 tablespoons (45 grams) of water can replace 1 egg.


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