Best MyProtein Flavors 2022: All 55 My Protein Flavors Reviewed (2023)

Most people looking to supplement their protein intake will have heard of MyProtein and many have tried at least one of the many MyProtein whey protein flavors they offer - there are over 50! Unless you've tried all of the flavors that MyProtein offers, it's difficult to make a valid judgment on whether or not you like the brand, so we thought we'd do the ultimate taste test and take each of the 55 flavors for this review.

Of course, when it comes to aWhey-Protein-ShakeFlavor is a highly subjective element, so we've tried to leave personal preferences out of this MyProtein Flavors review and instead looked at 4 key areas. Is it like this:

  • Overall taste
  • consistency
  • nutritional value
  • digestibility

The best MyProtein flavors and the ones to avoid

MyProtein is now one of the largest sellers of protein shakes and as such is in high demand to offer the widest variety of flavors on the UK market. They have come a long way since their inception in 2004 and following their acquisition by The Hut Group in 2011, have become one of the fastest growing nutritional supplements globally and are the largest protein supplement brand in Europe. Being based in the UK (Manchester) is a plus in our book and while we weren't exactly thrilled to try 55 different flavors of MyProtein, our quest for the best flavor of MyProtein seemed noble and would suit us (and hopefully you too ) to open. . ) to more options than the standard chocolate, banana, strawberry and vanilla products that have dominated the market for decades.


The best for chocolate lovers.

Try a chocolate brownie from MyProtein
  • Excellent consistency when mixed with water or milk.
  • Sweeter taste when mixed with milk
  • It works great as a smoothie and with overnight oats.
  • One of the best flavors ever.
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best classic taste

Vanillegeschmack MyProtein
  • A classic taste that does MyProtein very well
  • Excellent consistency with no lumps
  • Tastes great with milk
  • Available in a variety of protein types
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Excellent summer option

Summer fruit flavor MyProtein
  • fresh taste
  • Works great with water and ice for a low-fat protein shake.
  • Outstanding nutritional profile
  • Makes a nice change from the usual flavors.
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The 10 best flavors from MyProtein

With no fewer than 55 MyProtein Impact Whey flavors to choose from (one of which is unflavored), we thought you might not want to sift through each one to find the best overall My Protein flavor, so we've rounded up our top 10 right away a way. the bat.

  1. vanilla and raspberry
  2. chocolate brownies
  3. Vanilla
  4. without taste
  5. mint chocolate
  6. summer fruits
  7. Natural cutter
  8. salted caramel
  9. Banana
  10. chocolatey coconut


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Best MyProtein Flavors 2022: All 55 My Protein Flavors Reviewed (4)

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vanilla and raspberry

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MyProtein has mixed the classic vanilla flavor with a dash of refreshing raspberry flavor and we have to say this is one of our favorite flavors from the 55's. This tastes good whether you mix it with water or milk and the consistency of both Protein shakes is excellent. We used a standard MyProtein shaker and didn't have any lumps in the milk, making for a much creamier texture and perfect flavor combination. The vanilla flavor isn't overpowering, but there are enough subtle hints to create a sweet but not sickly smoothie. With 21g of protein per scoop and an easily digestible blend, we found vanilla and raspberry to be one of the stars of the range.

chocolate brownies

While we're chocolate addicts in the office (and let's be honest, who isn't?), we don't necessarily like chocolate-flavored drinks, but the MyProtein Chocolate Brownie flavor was one that got universal approval. . Just under 18g of protein per scoop was the only real downside, but that's more than made up for by the smooth, rich chocolate brownie flavor we found in this protein powder. It was a bit watery (surprise surprise) when mixed with water, but with milk the overall taste was just great. No point you feeling heavy in the stomach after drinking it and getting another big thumb full of proteins from us.


Vanilla has long been a key ingredient in protein shake flavors, and if a protein manufacturer can't offer a decent vanilla flavor, then there's a problem: Luckily, MyProtein Vanilla flavor is all the rage. We could have easily put vanilla at the top of the tree and if vanilla is your taste preference with other brands then this should be a good alternative. Nutritionally healthy, great flavor and a smooth, easy-to-mix texture make this one of the best flavors in the range, although it's been tried and tested, sometimes the oldies are the best.


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Best MyProtein Flavors 2022: All 55 My Protein Flavors Reviewed (8)

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without taste

Okay, it's not technically a flavor, but it's an option, which is why we've included it in all 55 flavors. Many people prefer a protein blend that is as natural as possible, or simply add their own flavors to their protein shake; no problem and the tasteless mix from MyProtein won't let you down. You get the same high quality as the other flavors and a whopping 21g of protein per scoop. Mix it with fresh fruit like banana or strawberry to add vitamin C, or mix it with peanut butter to boost protein and healthy fats, or of course if you can deal with the lack of flavor, you can drink it as-is it is simply mix with water. or milk to desired consistency.

mint chocolate

One of the three chocolate flavors that make up our top 10 list is mint chocolate. It's available with or without stevia, and we tried the standard chocolate mint flavor. 18g of protein per scoop is blended with chocolate and mint to create a delicious combination that's rich and easy to digest. The mint element isn't overpowering and gives this flavor a freshness that eliminates all the bad things you sometimes associate with chocolate flavors. We found that mixing it with milk resulted in a delicious creamy consistency and the lump-free mixture was a joy to drink.

summer fruits

Maybe not for the winter months, but for those hot summer workouts sometimes you want something a little more refreshing on the palate when you're feeling hot and sweaty. My Protein Summer Fruits flavor is just the thing for situations like this, and if you have the time, you can even mix it with ice and add some fresh berries for an extra vitamin C boost. It might not feel like a cocktail. (and we definitely wouldn't recommend adding alcohol), but it's the next best thing, and as far as protein shakes go, we had to include this in our top 10 flavors.

Natural cutter

If you find that some of the flavors in protein shakes are artificial, it's because... well... they're artificial. MyProtein has attempted to rectify this with their natural range, which includes natural flavors rather than artificial ones. The result is higher sugar levels, but that natural sugar is fine as long as you're not bottling cans of Coke all day. Strawberry is another big favorite and has a long history as a best-seller - it tastes great, has a deliciously smooth texture and packs 20g of protein per scoop.

salted caramel

This one is more of an acquired taste and you will most likely either love it or absolutely hate it. The general consensus in the Fitness Brain office was that it was a success, but one team member refused more than a sip after the first taste. The sweet but savory flavor isn't that different from mixing peanut butter and honey or maple syrup in overnight oats, but of course it has a slight hint of added salt. From a nutritional point of view this flavor ticks all the boxes and if you like salted caramel you will like it but drinking it every day is too much for some so we would only recommend trying it if you really love salted caramel. We've also found that this flavor blends best with milk.


Another classic flavor and again it's probably not surprising that all three classic flavors make the top 10. Banana is the least popular of the "Big 3", but this is a very good take on MyProtein's banana flavor. There are actually 3 banana flavor variants of MyProtein with natural banana, banana with stevia and pure banana, the latter being our favourite. 20g of protein per scoop is combined with 4.5g of BCAAs and 2g of leucine to provide a nutritionally balanced blend of whey protein. We couldn't fault the taste, texture or ease of digestion and it was even good enough to make a team member switch from a more expensive brand to MyProtein for the foreseeable future, enough is enough!

chocolatey coconut

Another interesting flavor combination here and one we usually associate with Indian desserts as protein flavors and to be honest we didn't have high hopes for this flavor combination but we were more than slightly surprised. Think Bounty but with a little less coconut flavor and you're well on your way to imagining what that tastes like. Mix it with milk if you prefer a lighter chocolate flavor, but we should note that it mixes well with water too. This one sat a little heavier on the stomach, but that was in a double scoop and it wasn't too difficult to manage. Overall, we're happy to say that this flavor has wormed its way into our top 10 flavors.


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Best MyProtein Flavors 2022: All 55 My Protein Flavors Reviewed (16)

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The other 10 chocolate flavors from MyProtein

With 13 chocolate flavors in the My Protein range, it would be easy to get lost in choosing which flavor is best for you. As a general rule, we find all chocolate flavors to be quite palatable, with subtle differences between most (except those mixed with a second flavor like mint or orange) and most that mix well with milk or water. In addition to the three that made the top 10, here's a quick rundown of each of these flavors:

chocolate banana– A pleasant taste that will appeal to those who cannot decide between banana and chocolate, but like both. Easy to drink and more chocolaty with some subtle banana tones.

Praline– A bit sick for most of us as one of the sweetest chocolate flavors out there. If you have a sweet tooth, this could be a good option for you.

chocolate nut– Slightly nutty flavors emerge in this chocolate protein powder. A nice taste with a nice smooth consistency.

Chocolate Orange- Not quite to Terry's level, but a nice blend of chocolate and orange flavors that gives you something different. Pretty sweet, but still nice. We prefer it mixed with milk.

Chocolate Peanut Butter– We thought we wouldn't like this one very much, but we didn't like it as much as other chocolate flavors. It's worth a try if you like peanut butter mixed with chocolate, but it's not a hit with us.

chocolaty– One of the best not to make the top 10 list. This is your Ronseal from MyProtein Flavors - it does exactly what it says on the tin - giving you a super smooth chocolate texture that tastes great.

Natural Chocolate– Similar to soft chocolate but made with natural flavors.

Chocolate Stevia– This tasted more artificial than the other chocolate offerings, but was still very tasty. It wasn't heavy and was easy to digest.

Chocolate Mint Stevia- Similar to the mint chocolate flavor that made our top 10 and it was very nice.

White chocolate– One for the fans of pure chocolate here and for everyone who likes it sweet. We recommend mixing this white chocolate flavor with milk, otherwise a double scoop becomes quite a challenge.

the best of the rest

With so many to choose from, and of course this is a fairly subjective review, it's virtually impossible to rank the rest of the best MyProtein flavors in order. But these are the others we'd recommend that taste pretty much as you'd expect:

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Blueberry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Coconut, Coffee Caramel, Cookies and Cream, German Gingerbread, German Hazelnut, Hokkaido Milk, Latte, Pineapple, Plum, Raspberry, Rocky Road, Strawberry Cream, Roly Strawberry Jam - Poly, Tiramisu.

MyProtein also offers a range of vegan-friendly proteins - check out which of the vegan products we think are the best, plus othersThe best vegan protein powders here.

The ones we would avoid

These flavors might appeal to some people, but our general consensus within the office was that these flavors weren't that great. Some of them were too sweet or just tasted weird:

Black Sesame, Pinch of Cinnamon, German Cinnamon Star Biscuit, Golden Syrup, Licorice, Maple Syrup, Marzipan, Milk Tea, Peach Tea, Red Beans, Sticky Toffee Pudding,


Most people find a flavor and stick with it, but what we found in this Myprotein taste test is that it might be worth trying something different. Just like you should mix up your workout routines, it's probably a good idea to mix up your protein flavors; After all, you wouldn't eat the same thing for dinner every day, so why limit yourself to one type of protein when there are so many? many good ones to choose from.


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Best MyProtein Flavors 2022: All 55 My Protein Flavors Reviewed (18)

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