Basset Hound Temperament – ​​Don't let the sad, gloomy face fool you (2023)

With his gloomy, sad face, it's easy to conclude that the Basset Hound is boring.

While no one can describe the typical Basset Hound temperament as "electrifying," they are otherwiseeasygoing and friendly addition to any family.

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A little breeding background.

The modern-day Basset Hound probably originated through controlled breeding in the late 18th century, although some sources date it even further back to the 15th century.

However, mummified remains suggest that similar short-legged hounds existed for thousands of years.

The word "Basset", which in French means "quite short,' describes a key feature of the Basset Hound:short stature.

While their average height at the shoulder is just over a foot, it may surprise some that the typical Basset Hound weighs between 55 and 60 pounds.

Basset Hound temperament and personality

Knowing your Basset Hound's personality traits and behavior is the best thing you can do to help you decide what to expect from this breed.

Don't get carried away by their appearance. Once you get past this little guy's adorable big eyes and ears, it's all about temperament and personality.

Keep reading to know more.

Soft and docile -Basset Hound good-natured temperament

el basset hound esvery safe around small children.

that's because it's prettyhard to aggravatethe basset hound Rather than react aggressively to unwanted attention, they will most likely simply move to a more sheltered location. It takes a lot to anger the Basset Hound.

tolerant and sociable

Because Basset Hounds are pack dogs, they are not territorial. Instead, they tend to be tolerant and sociable.

basset houndsgets along very well with other petsand therefore feel particularly comfortable in a large family.

And while they may alert you with a bark to someone at the front door, they're more likely to greet the stranger calmly as soon as you open the door, rather than as an intruder.

The Devoted Basset Hound Temperament –He loves being part of a pack.

Basset Hounds used to hunt in packs and still like to be "one of many."

That goes for dogs, cats, people, you name it! It is rare for the Basset Hound to have a problem with someone or something.

The downside, however, is that the Basset Hound's temperament demands companionship.They generally do not do well when left alone for long periods of time..

Not only that, a bored and lonely Basset Hound can let out one of the most unique howls you've ever heard.

Everyone on your block will know they're alone...and for how long.

Flash Gordon

With all his measured responses when an interesting scent wafts through the nostrils of this bloodhound, a bloodhound whose olfactory abilities aresecond only thoseBluthund– Your friend will be gone in an instant, leaving everything else behind.

If you don't put the leash on him when you walk him, you will regret it.

Don't let it run away after a scent. You never know where that smell might take you, possibly even out on the streets or away from home forever.

low to medium energy

Basset Hounds have an impressive level of stamina, which they often show when they get hit with an exotic scent.

Otherwise, they are quite satisfied with "let go" of things.

If you are active, they will be happy to accompany you. If you prefer to sit at home and relax during the day, this idea is fine with you.

One thing is for sure: they are less likely to go into a frenzy like yours.border collieBrothers.

You must walk it daily to keep it healthy and avoid obesity.

Bassets are great at dog parks, as they love being part of a pack of dogs just as much as they love being part of a human.

stubborn and persistent

Perhaps it acts in moderation because its short legs once had to compensate in order to be an effective hunting dog.

Nevertheless,don't expect liveliness and cheerful dispositionpor un basset hound.

On a good day you'll get onemeasured, seemingly thoughtful response. However, on a bad day, he can be downright stubborn.

Some have suggested that this aspect of the Basset Hound's temperament reflects his low intelligence.

However, the truth, as any basset hound owner canConfirm, that's how it isextremely intelligent, has days where he can be just stubborn.

It's impossible to get mad at him for that, though: just one look at that embarrassed face and you'll melt like ice cream in the sun.

A Brief History of the Basset Hound Breed

The Basset Hound as we know it today is descended from French dogs bred in Britain at the end of the 19th century.

The oldest evidence of these short-legged hunting dogs comes from the Middle Kingdom of Egypt.

Archaeologists have discovered carvings of the dog's image along with mummified remains of the dogs in the dog catacombs at Saqqara.

Both the ancient Greeks and Romans used hounds for hunting.


As mentioned above, Bassets can be "independent" (another word for stubborn). So training one of them can be challenging to say the least.

Bassets carry it in their blood to hunt alone, they are able to follow a scent without being distracted.

So if he's up to something and you're trying to get his attention, he might ignore you completely.

However, all hope is not lost: although it may seem impossible, you can actually train a Basset Hound. You just have to be willing and able to invest the time and perseverance.

As with almost any dog, early socialization with other dogs and people is critical if you want him to grow into a well-adjusted adult dog.

Helpful resources for training dogs:

For help training yourHavanesedog lookDoggy Dan's online dog trainer. Doggy Dan is an experienced dog trainer from New Zealand. His online resource includesHundreds of great dog training videos. taking you step by step through the process of developing a healthy, happy and well-behaved dog.

personal hygiene

The Basset's ears tolerate regular cleaning, as well as skin folds in the head area.

As for their coats, Bassets shed more than one would expect from a smooth-coated dog. You can control his sometimes profuse shedding by brushing him at least once a week.

Trim his claws regularly so he can walk comfortably, and give him an occasional bath when his coat starts to look less shiny.

In terms of colors, the breed standards include:

  • brown and black
  • tricolor
  • A mix of white with brown, black, lemon or red.

Staying Healthy: Basset Hound Health Issues

Like most other breeds, the Basset Hound has its own set of idiosyncratic health problems.

Typical of other breeds that also suffer from dwarfism (such asDachshund) sonback and joint problems, as much asdisc disease

The basset hound's loose skin makes it somewhat problems,and his big ears make him vulnerableear infection.

The life expectancy of a Basset Hound is between 10 and 12 years.

Important note:Few things are more important than our health. Our canine health is no different.Some visits (and money) to your vet can be avoidedif you only know what to do when your dog is sick.The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health is the Answer. No dog owner should miss this handy guide. He is not a substitute for yours.veterinarianbutIt will save you money and headaches.This canine health guide will help you quickly understand and recognize symptoms before they become a serious problem for your dog.Click here to see if you agree to this.

Best Basset Hound Mixes

If you're a fan of mixed breeds, you might want to check out some of the possible Basset Hound mixes out there. These mixes include:

  • The Bassador (Labrador retrieverMixture)
  • There quietly Basset (CockerMixture)
  • El Pastor Basset (German shepherd dogMixture)
  • The Hive Ba (Shar PeiMixture)
  • El Bassetoodle (poodle mix)

In search of the perfect Basset Hound

Are you ready to embrace the stubborn Basset Hound temperament and welcome a Basset Hound puppy into your family? That's great!

You can buy a Basset Hound from a Basset Hound breeder or from a rescue or adoption agency.

basset hound puppies for sale

The average Basset Hound price ranges from $300 to $500.

This is pretty affordable as far as puppies are concerned. And of course, the price changes depending on the breeder and the history of the dog.

Basset Hound Adoption and Rescue

If you're interested in adopting a Basset Hound puppy, look no further than your local animal shelter.

Of course, they may not have a Basset Hound available for adoption the day you check, but keep checking to see when new "stock" arrives.

And if all else fails, you can always choose one of theseadorableBasset Hound mixes already mentioned.

Adopting a dog has several advantages. For one thing, you don't have to worry about a puppy being housebroken when you adopt a dog from a shelter.

This is because he has already been trained or sheltered by his former owner to make him more attractive for adoption.

Another advantage is that you can give a home to a dog that might not find one elsewhere.

Many dogs spend years in shelters and are constantly passed over in favor of younger, prettier dogs. Some dogs never find a warm, loving home.

Basset Hound Breeders

Buying a dog from a breeder is also an option to consider. There are also advantages to buying a dog from a breeder.

If the breeder is reputable, and you shouldn't buy from a non-reputable one, they will be available to answer questions throughout the dog's life.

Then, if you are interested in showing a dog, buying a dog from a breeder is often the only way to find a purebred dog that has show dog quality.

This is why puppies from breeders are more expensive than dogs you can adopt from a shelter.

Always check with the breeder before completing the transaction. Look up the breeder's credentials online and thoroughly inspect the dogs' environment.

Make sure the dogs have enough space to run and play and that the environment they live in is not dirty or unsafe.

Conclusion: Why the Basset Hound?

The Basset Hound's loving temperament makes him a very calm dog. He is a very driving dog.

He doesn't get along with anyone, so you can keep him around other dogs, cats, and children.

His only real problem is that he can be quite stubborn at times. But as long as you're persistent with him, he'll fight back.

You can also use treats as a reward, but not too many.

The basset hound has low to moderate energy, so he's more likely not to burn through those treats as quickly as, say, a husky.

And remember to keep his ears clean during this time.personal hygieneProcess.

Floppy ears can hide moisture and dirt, and if left untreated, can develop some pretty nasty infections.

other similar breeds

While the Basset Hound is quite a unique dog, there are several other breeds that share some of its traits. These include:

  • Bluthund
  • Boston-Terrier
  • Labrador retriever
Basset Hound Temperament – ​​Don't let the sad, gloomy face fool you (5)

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