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The Basset Hound is an easily recognizable breed of dog thanks to its long ears, sad eyes and wrinkled face.

Described as an attractive breed of dog, the Basset Hound is a member of the Hound group of the American Kennel Club.

the raceoriginated in Belgium and France, but was first recognized by the respected canine organization in 1885.

These small dogs make adorable pets, good-natured pets and sociable with new people and dogs.

In 2021, the Basset Hound finished as the 34th most popular dog breed in the United States of America.

In this article, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of the Basset Hound, examining the pros and cons of the dog breed.

Basset Hound Professionals

friendly and good-natured

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Basset Hound (Foto: Adobe Stock)

The AKC describes the Basset Hound as a "perennial favorite of dog lovers the world over". The breed is perhaps one of the easiest to identify due to its charming appearance. Basset Hounds tend to be friendly dogs that get along well with new people and new dogs. This is a good thing, as the appearance and general popularity of the Basset Hound often raises a lot of questions when out for a walk. It's a good idea to take your Basset Hound puppy to socialization classes at an early age to improve his chances of living with a balanced dog.

A Reddit ownershared that his Basset Hound is extremely social.

Super sociable, our girl is the most sociable in a doggy daycare with over 60 dogs (owner tells us).

Kyleadditionalthat Basset Hounds are not necessarily people pleasers.

Sweet, strong-willed and often loving, but not complacent, which can make them more difficult to train. Your nose wins and this must be remembered. They are a hunting dog.


Basset Hounds are independent dogs that can be headstrong and do things their own way. His independence can be a good thing because he's unlikely to be a stereotypical velcro dog who basically acts as your shadow. Although they are loyal dogs to the family unit, Basset Hounds are generally not attached to a family member, unlike other breeds that are attached to a particular person. So if you want a dog that you don't need, the Basset Hound could be a potential option.

The AKC writes inyour sitethat Bassets were bred to follow a scent with determination, blocking out all distractions. This makes them very alert and independent, although sometimes reluctant to accept instructions.

funny lover

If you're looking for a goofy canine companion, the Basset Hound has a reputation for being a bit of a goofball. They can be quite silly at times, but the breed is sweet. The AKC describes his sad eyes and wrinkled forehead as a sad clown. However, the Basset Hound breed is sure to make you laugh as you share your day with your four-legged friend.

A Basset Hound ownersharedhow her dogs made her laugh at the end of a long day at work.

As the owner of two Basset Hounds I can confirm this. The highlight of my day is coming home from work and immediately having my dogs start chasing me across the yard. Always puts a smile on my face.

family pets

The AKC gives the Basset Hound three stars out of five for being affectionate with the family, but five stars out of five for being good with young children. They are described as "soft and home-pleasing". They are generally tolerant of children, but parents should take their manners for granted. Basset Hound owners should watch their dogs around children at all times, as accidents can happen. With a playful personality combined with impressive stamina, the Basset Hound can hold its own in a household with children.

owner of a bassetsharedyour experience with a Basset Hound on social media.

They have fantastic personalities. I only knew one that was kind of punk, but it was old. Great family dogs. Good with children, cats and other small animals.

Another Reddit userdescribedwhat life is like with these laid back dogs.

You'll have a loyal, laid-back best friend who's also great with kids. Everyone loves a basset when you're out in public.

Contras de Basset Hound


Tempobasset houndsThey tend to be independent dogs, which can develop into stubbornness. These dogs were bred to follow a trail and think independently in pursuit of a target, so Basset Hounds won't necessarily listen to instructions if not properly trained. It's a constant process too. Basset Hound owners will find value in following a training regimen with their dog to maintain discipline and obedience. During our research on the breed, the word stubborn came up constantly. It seems stubborn is an understatement with this particular breed!

owner of a bassetsharedyour experience with your stubborn dog.

My girl is a real character, I call her the "cartoon dog" because she's strong-willed, stubborn and mischievous, but it's worth it. Bassets aren't her usual type of dog, but once you get one, she's hooked.

potty training

Another common tendency among Basset Hound owners is the difficulty in taming their long-eared dogs. Basset Hounds are notoriously difficult to train. It takes a lot of effort on the part of pet owners to persevere.

Roger revealed that his Basset Hound is not yet fully potty trained.

Potty training has been tough - he still goes on the mat and is 2 years old. Even when you can leave whenever you want.

Other Basset Hound Owneremphasizedpatience is required. Lots!

Potty training may take longer than with other dogs, it must be consistent, i.e. take the puppy outside at regular intervals, praise as soon as "results" are achieved. We've always had dog doors so our Bassets can get in and out of a fenced area. I think that makes us lazy! Be patient, not that mistakes will be made.


When you think of the Basset Hound, one of the first characteristics that comes to mind is their booming voices. The Basset breed has a distinctive howl that they like to play often. The AKC describes her voice as "strong, resonant voice". This can be a problem if you live in an apartment or in a city with close neighbors.

The AKC writes online that while these dogs are good-natured and gentle, they aren't afraid to assert themselves. When they speak, you'll know: they have a deep, resonant bark.

Receiveddioa glimpse of life with her Basset Hound named Rufus.

All emotions are expressed vocally! That means a lot of barking, maybe howling, definitely some yelping to get what he wants. Dachshunds bark at the postman, at delivery men, at people passing by their neighborhood... because it's Tuesday, in the wind, because they want to. If you can't handle a noisy dog, a Basset is not for you.

drooling and drooling

Basset Hounds will drool and drool a lot, so this is something future owners will need to consider. They usually drool every time they eat or drink water. Basset Hounds will drool if they follow a scent. You'll notice on their daily walks that they will drool a lot, so you should back off if they shake their heads.

A Basset Hound ownerwarnedexpect slime on your walls!

They also drool a lot and end up jumping off walls and everywhere you can imagine.

smell of dog and gas

Basset Hound Pros and Cons - Baba | Stubborn | Friendly | Health (3)

Basset Hound (Foto: Adobe Stock)

While the breed may have mild manners, they may not have the best manners. For example, the Basset Hound has a reputation for being a gassy dog. While a change in diet can help with the wind, the Basset Hound breed tends to have a slight (or strong, depending on the dog) canine odor. You will notice that your home will likely start to develop a strong dog odor. They will need an occasional bath to keep their coat clean and healthy.

A Reddit userHe suggesteda Basset is not a good choice for those with house pride.

They are amazing and amazing dogs, but if you are the type of person who needs everything to be clean and smelling good, a Basset might not be for you.

Otherreddit commentrevealed that Basset owners will end up smelling like their dogs.

If you have a Basset, it will smell like the Basset. It's not a bad smell, but everyone you meet knows you have a dog.

Health problems

Basset Hounds are prone to a few health issues that prospective owners should read about before bringing one of these dogs home. They are prone to glaucoma, thrombopathy and swelling. Your breeder should monitor and evaluate some of these health conditions. If they are overweight, this can put pressure on their spine and joints. Their drooping ears and eyes need to be monitored and cleaned regularly as they can easily be prone to infections.

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