Basset Hound: Dog Facts, Breed Information and Grooming Advice (2023)

Basset Hound: Dog Facts, Breed Information and Grooming Advice (1)

Life with a Basset Hound is a daily dose of humor, love and excitement.

Basset Hound breed facts:

Personality:Loyal and lovable, the Basset Hound is a constant source of joy because of its character and appearance. He loves company and is very attached to his family. He likes to gamble and can be a comedian.

FavoriteActivities:Although it may seem goofy, the Basset Hound loves and needs a daily walk, and it likes nothing better than to smell good with all the new scents in its vicinity. He enjoys spending time with his family and often enjoys the company of other dogs.

Suitable for:Families and who doesn't mind a little drool around the house. As the basset hound is very heavy, walking can be strenuous. So if you don't have time to take your dog on a trip, think twice about this breed as it can be difficult to leave them to the kids. Be aware of the basset hound's large barking and be sure to keep it under control if you live near neighbors.

Garden requirements:Like a scent hound, the Basset Hound picks up and follows a scent, so a well-fenced yard is a must.

Hereditary diseases:The basset hound should avoid walking up and down stairs as this can damage its long back. Being overweight can also affect your back. This breed can develop eye and ear infections if these areas are not kept clean. Be very careful with the swelling.

Living with Basset Hounds

Life with a Basset Hound is a daily dose of humor, love and excitement. After living with two of these amazing dogs, Michelle Segal would find himdifficultswitch to another race.

My son kept talking about a hole in his world. There's a huge hole, he lamented, and only a dog can fill it! My three children really wanted a puppy for our family. To be honest, I was more desperate than they were, but my concern was that as a dog addict with a dog in my life, I would lose interest in my family. I was afraid I loved the dog more than my own children!

Then one day I saw an ad for Basset Hound puppies available from a trusted breeder. I could not resist. My husband grew up with a dangling basset hound named Samson who liked me on and off and had full control of my husband's bedroom, making sure he stayed in bed most nights while Daniel slept on the dog mattress next door, but he was wonderful . There's no doubt about it. And so we took the plunge. We got in the car and headed out to see the four-week-old puppies, even though I knew intimately that there was no way we were leaving the breeder that night without ordering a tiny basset hound.

I was wrong. We left the breeder that night after selecting two of the small mites, much to my husband's dismay.

Four weeks later, when the puppies reached eight healthy weeks, we went back to the breeder to pick up our new family members. Our lives were never meant to be exactly the same.

Two of our three children are twins, so having twin pups was nothing new for us. The bathroomEducationit was a little different, I must admit, but dealing with the needs of two puppies at the same time came very naturally to us. We named our boy Crosby, my husband insisted he be named after musician David Crosby, whose languid appearance was somewhat reminiscent of our new basset hound puppy, while our girl kept the name Isabelle, the breeder, had given her. She was definitely an Izzy.

I must say that living with a Basset Hound is a unique experience. The breed's comical appearance, its droopy, bloodshot eyes, endless ears that penetrate anything, irresistibly squeezable rolls of fur, and huge paws that look adorable in its first ballet position is something that never ceases to amaze. It never gets used to its unusual appearance and is a refreshing sight for the eyes every day.

crazy about food

The Basset Hound has a reputation for being lame and stupid, which isn't entirely untrue, although it's silly to think that they can be left sleeping all day. The Basset Hound was originally bred for hunting and, like most dogs today, they love walks and should be given regular exercise to stay in shape and keep their weight in check.

Speaking of weight, you'd have to go a long way to find a breed more obsessed with food than the Basset Hound and if you're not willing to make sure every morsel of food in your kitchen is put away or pushed back your counters will, don't get a basset hound. Recently, a guest at our house placed his plate of chicken on the dinner table, but when he returned to the kitchen for a minute, Crosby nonchalantly helped himself to a whiff of my guest's plate before we could react.

Bassets love their belly, but too much of it can be deadly. The basset hound is very prone to gaining weight and its long body makes it prone to serious back problems if it gets too fat. Your short legs will also struggle to support the extra weight. This breed is also at high risk of flatulence. (See box.)

strong ties

Derived from the French, the basset hound was originally bred in France and used to hunt small animals such as rabbits. With great stamina and a strong sense of smell, the basset hound followed the animal and led it to the hunter. Despite its slow appearance, the basset hound proved to be one of the most effective hunters of its time.

Because they work in packs and in close collaboration with their owner-hunters, the basset hound got used to being surrounded by its family, and even today the breed is very attached to its pack or owners.

As pack dogs, bassets enjoy being with their family or with another dog, says Janet Beckman, president of the Basset Hound Club of New South Wales. You like company.

Beckman bought his first Basset Hound in 1962 and has maintained close ties with the breed ever since.

Back then, Cleo the Basset Hound was on TV and the breed was very popular, she recalls. Cleo was followed by Fred Basset and then they were used in advertisements for Hush Puppy shoes.

Beckman emphasizes the need for good swordsmanship to deal with the basset hound's incredible sense of smell, second only to the basset hound.Bluthund.

They have a wonderful sense of smell and can migrate, she warns. They need good fencing and it should always be remembered that Basset Hounds will follow an interesting trail if a gate is left open.

You wouldn't imagine the adorable basset hound falling into the category of a good watchdog, but this breed has an incredibly deep, loud, reverberating bark that can turn anyone off.

They make good guard dogs because they bark profusely, says Beckman. But they are usually more interested in the visitor's scent than anything else.

Basset hound owners should be aware of this breed's barking, as a basset hound that barks constantly can cause problems with neighbors.

The best seat in the house

Veterinarians often describe the basset hound as both a small and large dog. It is broad-chested and very powerful, weighing between 25 and 30 kg, sometimes more. They can be very difficult to walk, something you might not be able to leave with the kids, and if you have house pride and want your dog to live inside you, know that the Basset Hound will drink water with every sip you take. and baba.

But if you want an adorable dog that will make you laugh, make you feel like the special person in the world every day, and give you lots of cuddles, look no further than the Basset Hound. As Janet Beckman says: You are very adorable, like the best seat in the house!

care for the breed

Daily:Make sure your basset hound has fresh water and a balanced daily diet. It must be exercised every day to keep you healthy and keep your weight in check.

Weekly:Ears and eyes need to be checked carefully with this breed. The basset hound's droopy eyes need to be cleaned of debris, and their ears, which are prone to infection, should be checked regularly for dirt buildup. Give your basset a brush every week to reduce itcabana.

A month:Bathe as needed, but always on a hot day, as the basset hound's coat is thick and takes a long time to dry. If your basset hound spends a lot of time in the grass, his nails can grow quickly and will need to be trimmed more often.

Several:Gastrointestinal deworming every three months in adults, more often in dogs, heartworm andvaccines🇧🇷 Examine your dog's body during tick season, especially in skin folds, and apply tick repellenttreatmentsif necessary.

swell up

This is badIllnessit is common in Basset Hounds and occurs when the stomach becomes distended with air and twisting, cutting off blood flow. Ways to avoid this include feeding two smaller meals instead of one large one; cut food into small pieces; and feed the dog at least an hour AFTERexerciseor one hour BEFORE training. If your dog develops gas, take him to a veterinarian immediately.

race contacts

Information about breeders and clubs in your federal

The Basset Hound Club of New South Wales can be found at

For the Basset Hound Club ofVictory, visit

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