Are Basset Hounds Good With Children? [What Parents Need to Know] (2023)

If you're looking at the Basset Hound breed, you probably need to know how they generally behave with and around children. All breeds have their own personalities, distinctive traits, and temperament; As such, not everyone naturally responds well to other people, animals, and younger children. That's what you'll want to know.

So are Basset Hounds good with children?Basset Hounds are excellent and generally very safe around children.They are generally good-natured, affectionate, friendly and have a relaxed temperament; dogshe loves to play and is known to be extremely gentle.

For his relaxed demeanor; Basset Hounds often need protection from young children!

It's not that kids always want to hurt their dogs, but if they're not taught how to behave properly, they can inadvertently take advantage of it and torment your dog.

Riding, biting, tail pulling are all these behaviors that you should watch out for and prevent in your children.

For this reason, supervision is generally recommended for any interaction and owners should never leave their children alone with the dog.

This is true of any breed, and despite the affectionate nature of the Basset Hound, this practice should still persist.

Now let's explore the topic further and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

We'll also cover how to teach a Basset Hound to behave appropriately around children, and how to teach your children to behave around dogs too!

So keep reading to get all the information you need!


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  • 2 Are Basset Hounds Dangerous to Children?
  • 3 How do you train your basset hound for children?
  • 4 Things to Consider When Owning a Basset Hound and Having Children
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Are Basset Hounds suitable for children?

Basset Hounds are very friendly with children and are generally very well behaved with and around them.

They are known to be quick to form connections and bonds with children and soon love and enjoy the time they have and the attention children offer.

In fact, Basset Hounds have been ranked as one of the top 10 kid-friendly dog ​​breeds.

The best part of having them around children is how friendly they are when they play.

This breed loves to play, so your children will never be without playmates. Whether it's a game of tag or a simple ball toss, your pet is always there and ready to go.

The noise and antics of children do not bother a Basset Hound at all, and they are more than happy to have someone climb on top of them.

A basset hound doesn't see the humiliation of being the horse and riding around the house.

Their friendly personality allows them to get along with anyone and anything. They are calm and relaxed in the house but very alert as watchdogs.

Food is pretty much the only thing that fully arouses his interest, which perhaps goes a long way to explain why.Basset Hounds are a bit overweight..

The well-mannered Basset Hound is active, affectionate, and loyal. They get along well with other pets, children and adults.

The only thing that turns a Basset Hound on is a scent trail it has sniffed. They are calm like domestic dogs, but are alert watchdogs.

It doesn't do a Basset Hound any good to stay in the yard all day: he craves the attention of the people he loves and suffers from separation anxiety.

If you have to leave your pet alone, remember that it gets bored easily.

Make sure he has lots of toys or he will start howling with boredom or chewing on furniture and anything else he can put in his mouth.

Are Basset Hounds dangerous to children?

Well-trained and well-socialized Basset Hounds are not dangerous to children.

This breed has always had a unique relationship with us humans, and when it comes to children, that bond takes on new meaning.

To understand why Basset Hounds are not dangerous to children, one must understand their temperament.

Basset Hounds are known for their patient and calm temperament. They tend to do things on their own time, in their own way, often with hilarious results.

these dogs arenot an aggressive breed. They do not usually encourage aggression towards other animals or humans and are considered one of the best playmates for children.

There have been very few reports and incidents of this breed becoming aggressive or feeling the need to act.

With this in mind, any dog ​​can be dangerous in certain situations, so it is always best to supervise children playing with your pets.

Even when your children are young, accidents can happen, even unintentionally.

This can happen quite easily in games that involve running or searching.

And basset hounds can reach a weight of up to 30 kg; They are by no means an easy breed and it is possible for a small child to be knocked over, and likely to get hurt.

How do you train your basset hound for kids?

Let's get this straight, Basset Hounds can be extremely difficult to train, period!

One of their biggest problems is that if they spot something interesting, they will stubbornly ignore you completely.

It's well known in the canine world that a Basset Hound would prefer not to listen to commands at all!

It has to be positive reinforcement training with a Basset Hound because they are so stubborn.

If you look at a resting Basset Hound, you will see sad, droopy eyes and long ears that make it appear lethargic.

All of that changes when their nose picks up a scent they want to investigate. These weird dogs live to eat and the food will be off your plate in a nanosecond.

They are also known to be some of the best panhandlers in the world! Therefore, food is the perfect motivator when starting to train your puppy.

One of the main purposes behind training a dog is for it to know what to do in different situations.

Obedience training is vital to prevent accidental injury to your children or your dog.

Here are some do's and don'ts to help you get started on the difficult training journey:

  • Routine: The first thing you should do is establish a routine that is comfortable for the dog and your family. What you need to teach them is where their food and water is, where their crate or bed is, when it's time to feed them, where their toys are, and most importantly, where the potty is.
  • teach basic commands: with which children can also work. The first two words to start with when training a Basset Hound are no and good. Once you're comfortable with this, you can work on "sit" and "stay." All this is very important when you have children at home. Children can also participate in the training. Use lots of praise and useright treats.
  • Patience:Show respect to your Basset Hound while exercising. This applies to everyone in the house giving orders. Your tone of voice should not give arguments that you are responsible.
  • box trainingit should start from the moment you bring your pup home. It is a safe place for them to hide and also serves as a time out corner for bad behavior.
  • socialization trainingIt's crucial. Your dog should be around other people and animals from the start. Basset hounds that are constantly being handled, whether it's petting, petting, and touching, do much better in socialization training.

What to consider when owning a Basset Hound and having children?

There is a short list of things to consider before you decide to bring home your new Basset Hound puppy, both for and against:

  • The personalityof a Basset Hound blends well with almost any home setting. They are extremely devoted to their pack members in almost any circumstance. Most of the Basset Hounds you know enjoy free time, like outdoor adventures and snuggling up at the end of the day. This makes them feel that they are in a safe place.
  • independence: Basset Hounds do not require much grooming compared to other breeds. In addition to weekly brushing, the ears and eyes need regular cleaning and cleaning.
  • settings: They have a great temperament to stay indoors. They enjoy napping (especially on furniture), don't need a lot of space, and are fairly quiet when left alone. It's reassuring to know that a barking basset hound won't wake a baby every few hours.
  • Dulce: Basset Hounds look so adorable that your kids will fall in love with them instantly.
  • Freundlich: You are friendly with everyone, so you don't have to worry when you have your children's friends with you.
  • Diet: You really have to watch what they eat carefully. Children must learn that the dog cannot simply be fed indiscriminately or it can lead to health problems. One of their biggest problems occurs in the back when they are overweight.
  • persistence: A Basset Hound will never give up when he finds a scent that appeals to him. This innate ability to find and track scent is legendary.
  • sable: Basset Hounds have a huge drool problem. It just goes everywhere. I doubt his son thinks it's cute to have his new sneakers covered in white puppy drool.
  • Talla: A basset hound is not classified as a small dog. They fall into the medium/large category and therefore should also be taken into account when considering the size of your children.


Now the final verdict on whether or not Basset Hounds are good for kids! Under almost any circumstance, this charming breed makes an excellent family pet.

They love to nap wherever they go, explore the garden, take short walks, and keep an eye on their food bowl.

If the training challenges don't put you off, then the love and loyalty you will receive from a Basset Hound is unparalleled.

They will occasionally bark at strangers, but then switch to tail wagging mode once the person is through the door!

Being part of a family unit is your greatest love and if you're the right family, it sounds like a Basset Hound is for you.

If you're looking for a new puppy, you'll be spoiled for choice. Will you be getting a large dog, a small dog, or something in between?

One of the most popular and well-known breeds in the United States is the Basset Hound. Now we can see why.

So if you are looking for a breed that is good with children, other animals, people, and just plain good-natured, the Basset Hound is a great choice.

just think about herCost, nevertheless.

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Are Basset Hounds Good Family Dogs?

Basset Hounds are excellent family dogs. They are calm, relaxed and friendly with other dogs and animals. You are people-oriented and get along with most, if not all, whether strangers or young children. However, they do have a stubborn streak and can present a challenge to train.

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